First Build Advice needed

I rencently built my new rig but I've been having some rather odd problems. Random shut down. Brief screen flashing. I know I have the correct BIOS for the mother board the newest drivers for my video card. and also when I go to check my processors temp with HW monitor it does not display the temp.

If anyone could be of any assistance with the problem that i'm having it would be greatly appreciated

Here are my computer specs

Asus - M4A77T/USB3 - Motherboard
AMD Phenom II X4 945 - Processors
ATI Radeon HD 5770 - Video card
Windows 7 HP 64
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  1. Try speed fan. Can get it at
    for free> post temp back here
  2. temp 46C core 0C.

    I can only view temp in the bios which I find odd cause on my old MB it would tell me using HW monitor
  3. Random shutdowns when idle or at load?

    If at load, there's a very good chance that it's the PSU. What PSU do you use? How old is it?

    You should also test the memory sticks one at a time with memtest86.

    What RAM do you have anyways?
  4. I have a ocz 600w pwr supply its pretty new and samsung ddr3 ram and it shut down when idle
  5. Computer shuts down?
    Computer reboots?

    It most probably is the CPU temps in the 1st case and PSU in the 2nd IMO.

    1. If it's shutting down and not re-booting, it prolly is the temp. Is 46 degrees on load or idle?

    2. Try monitoring the voltages with Hardware Monitor and post back.

    3. Try testing your memory the way I mentioned in my last post.

    If you get nothing, then see if somebody will lend you a working PSU for a day and see if that takes care of the problem.

    If even that doesn't sort things out, the Motherboard's gotta go, I think. But first things fist, start with step 1 for now.
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