After market cooler help!!

Hello guys,
I just bought a new Pc 2 weeks back
Configs are:-
AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition(C3),Asus M4A89GTD PRO mobo, Cooler Master Elite 360 cabinet, aTi Radeon 5670 card, Samsung 22" Lcd, Altec lansing speakers, 4GB of RAM(Corsair 2x2GB), Seagate 500 GB Hard Disk.

Now, my problem is that my cpu is running quite hot. 43'C on idle and about 65'C on full load. My room temp is quite high(32'C). I am going to move my PC to an Air conditioned room. But I also want to buy an after market cooler since I will Over clock in the near future. I want to know which after market cooler is ideal for me...My budget is around Rs.1500, that's like $30-40...I may not get many options to buy directly from a shop since I live in India....So please suggest a good site where I can buy it online......Thank you.
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  2. Hey thanks for the links...What about the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus.?? I saw a lot of good reviews on that cooler. And are these coolers as good as that?? Please tell me why you suggested these??
  3. The CM Hyper 212 plus is an excellent cooler if you get it in your budget.. As for suggesting those two, well, they fitted your price bracket very much.. Also, they are very good options for that price (especially the Scythe).. Check around web for reviews.. Which city in India are you from..?
  4. Hey is the CM Hyper 212 Plus comparable with the ones you've suggested? I live in Chennai. Is the Scythe one very good?? I mean i want to see a good decrease in my temps.....
  5. The CM 212+ is better compared to both of what I mentioned.. Its just that you need to up your budget a bit..
  6. I don't mind increasing my budget slightly for a good performance difference.......Is the CM Hyper 212 Plus compatible with my Cabinet, mobo and processor? And does it come with pre applied thermal paste?? I don't know how to apply thermal paste and stuff.......
  7. Stick with the 212+ and just search on YouTube for how to apply thermal paste!
  8. This might help -
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