Buildin Pc First Time Help Needed

Hi my name is blake and im building my first pc and really the only thing i need to know is if the list of parts i will enlist will all be compatible to run together?
In other words will it all work?

Hard Drive:

Case/PSU combo:

Motherboard/CPU combo:


CD/DVD drive:

Graphics Card:

Any opinions and or advice to help would be greatly appreciated.
Also i would like to mention my budget is roughly $400 for a basic gaming pc
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  1. $286AR tower

    $90AR GTS 450

    $376AR total

    The superiority of a GTS 450 over a 9400GT is mind boggling @@
  2. If u live near a Microcenter

    Items off Egg $300AR

    X4 640 + MSI 785GM-P45 $96

    $396AR in total
  3. the first build with the micro atx mobo would this run WoW/SC2 moderately?

    also whats the difference between micro and regular atx just the size?
  4. 1. 1920 x 1080 "Good Settings"/WOW and Ultra no AA/ SC2 good to go ^^
    2. Size and no.of expansion slots
  5. so what about a res of 1280x768 on wow? dont really need ultra settings just decent enough to get some good effects and such?
    also is it possible to build a regular atx (non micro mobo) based system for around $450?

    and i do appreciate the help im sure i can build it together just dont really know compatibilities
  6. i do thank you for all your help total plus the oem OS i spent $510 tax and all
    the oem versions for os i can use right without resaling ?
    it means that its tied to that pc once installed correct?
  7. If u happen to change mobo in future and OS fails to activate just tell the M$ tech support that lightning shot out your mobo and they will issue u a new product key :P
  8. ok lol and your absolutely positive the psu will be able to handle the
    GTS 450
  9. This month's $500 SBM featured the junior version of that model, the 380W and a 768M/192 GTX 460 actually,2811.html
  10. beautiful lol well i thank you *** tons for all of your help im going to place my order now
    oh and BTW
    they should make you a forum moderator for all the help you've given me
  11. Yep happy building/shopping and u are welcomed ^^
  12. ewwwww biostar motherboard, comeon seriously stick with gigabyte or asus (definitly not msi)
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