Very tight budget built

hey guys im trying to built a computer for a friend, the most he wants is to play some games, movie, music, and just internet browsing, but his biggest concern is he wants starcraft 2 to work nice and smooth. Thats the reason he wants a new computer as he currently has a laptop which can not handle the game even on all low im guessing his laptop overheats and crashes.

His budget is 300 maybe a lil more with tax.

Here is what i have came up with and keep in mind this is only from one store because i like how they have their search set up its easy which is why i use tigerdirect, it does not mean that ima buy it from them or that same exact part this is only like and estimate. Ima check out microcenter and frys as well and i will report back to you guys once im set on the built for sure.

he does not need a hard drive, or cd-rom/dvd writer or reader

Well here is my built

cpu -

gpu -

ram - one of these two i would prefer the corsair more

mobo -

psu -

there you go thats about $332 dollars so as you can see its a lil bit over the limit

now i also came across this bundle

what i dont like is that its an nvidia chipset because i like to keep amd and ati together and intel n nvidia together, but does it really matter what chipset it is ? because if it doesnt matter then that bundle for 124 would cut down the price.

thanks and let me know what you guys think
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  1. thanks i do like that athlon 2 x4 640 with the msi 785g mobo very nice deal on it for 95 bucks thats great, thanks again
  2. here is probably what ima make for him

    the cpu and mobo u suggested really nice deal

    evga gts 450 1gb card

    6gb of ddr3 1600mhz

    but the only thing is that it says the rebates are good till today only so i might have to see what they are offering at the store if they got any other good deals

    and lastly im still looking for a power supply what do you guys think like a 550 watt should be fine ?
  3. Hmm see if u could mirror the $500 SMB build since u have some h/w on hand,2811.html
    This has to be the only time i commend a SBM build lol But ya low cost with great results config
    At 1st glance u could do with just 4GB DDR3 and find a way to squeeze in a GTX 460 maybe?
  4. ima keep looking in about a week we are going to start buying the parts so by then i should have everything set or at least have almost a perfect built for him. And now that you brought it up maybe i will try getting the gtx 460 in there.
  5. oh god not MSI dont do it! RUBBISH!
  6. Go For ASRock instead of MSI
  7. ima try and see if i can fit it into the previous pc he had, but the one he had before is an older case but im sure i can fit the graphic card in there and whats wrong with msi i always thought they were good brand ? and for 95 bucks come on man thats hard to beat.
  8. There a lot of fanbois who have no statistical data whatsoever and merely spout rubbish like Brand A > B or trumps all lol Just ignore such trolls
  9. lol haha thanks well either way im going for the msi and cpu combo ill keep you guys updated
  10. Yep happy shopping and merry x'mas ^^
  11. thanks and merry christmas to you too
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