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  1. Are adequate framerates in any modern games of a concern?

    There is a reason the video card is sub-$50, but, if playing Crysis, etc., is of no concern, proceed...
  2. Difficult to actually suggest anything without knowing the exact requirements.

    The stuff's compatible enough but not necessarily the brands I would have suggested.

    If yours is a general usage computer, drop the GPU and go with a board with integrated video.

    If however you need a discrete graphics card for gaming, get something like the GTS 450 for around 100.

    Drop the Biostar Mobo and get this Combo.
  3. my main purpose for this is to build a decent pc to be able to run WoW/ SC2 at decent settings without much graphical lag or fps drop
  4. and also im tryin to budget it all w/o the OS for around $400
  5. You will want more graphical horsepower then

    You could change the gpu to a hd 5670 to drop to $400, but the gts 450 is worth the $30 imo.
  6. WOW basically needs next to zero gfx power. StarCraft ain't that gfx intensive either, especially at lower resolutions.

    The Radeon 4650 at around 50 odd is gonna be plenty good if you wanna stick to your above mentioned budget. To me, that's basically the default go-to card at this price range.

    The GTS 450 that I talked about is gonna let you play more demanding fps games should you want to at some stage.

    By the way, the ODD in your link's gotta go. It's an IDE DVD-ROM-Read Only Memory. You need a SATA DVD+-RW.

    Get one from Samsung, LG or Sony - LG SATA DVD Burner - Bulk LightScribe Support
  7. It depends on what you mean by decent settings. These articles might help you decide.
    Wow seems to benefit from DX11 cards.,2793-5.html,2728-6.html
  8. What's wrong with an Asus ODD

    The reviews and customer awards I think justify this as a viable alternative to a sony, lg, or samsung
  9. Asus is plenty good. Can't name every single decent manufacturer in a particular product category now can I?

    The thing is, almost everything Asus makes or puts their stamp on, is either the default go to product in the segment or a viable alternative.

    I was just talking 'bout the Lite-on in Blake's original post, which is an IDE DVD-ROM drive - That's gotta go :)
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