Expected performance from a gtx 460 from my rig


i recently bought a galaxy gtx 460 GC 1GB.

i've had for abt two weeks now.the performance is OK but it doesnt seem to be great.

My config is:

Core 2 Duo e6750 2.66Ghz
4gb DDR2 800Mhz
a monitor with a max of 1280x1024

im gettin about 50-60 fps maxxed out in GRID
about 30-40 fps in NFS Shift maxxed out
--both at 1280x1024

about this much in most recently released games

its decent and very playable but shouldn't i be gettin much more?? or is my CPU such a huge bottleneck ?
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  1. your ram is somewhere to start, thats a hugely low frequency, and your cpu could do with an overclock, if you run it at GHZ and strap in some faster ram you should be getting better results.
  2. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Are you playing with AA/AF on ? if so,then your FPS is fine(Since NFS shift isn't very well optimized).
    However,OC'ng your CPU will give you more FPS in some games as esaglik mentioned.
    And your RAM is fine,capacity is more important than timing for gaming,and 4GB DDR2 800 RAM is fine.
  3. hey .yes im playing with aa/af on (tried 8x,16xAnisotropic.the 2x,16x) not much difference.

    anyway.i was running the 3dmark vantage tests and i've noticed im gettin very difference results everytime..eg P11000 in one run and P8000 in another..(the cpu score also varied from 8000 to 4000)

    also, i noticed in the max memory usage in GPU-Z(which was on during the test) was also different..being 680 in the first and only 280 in the second.

    i dont know why it is varying,but moving the card a bit in the pci-e slot affects it.. could the pcie slot be loose or corrupt ? the mobo is amount 3 yrs old

    one more question,how would one detect a problem in the RAM? coz i have a transcend 2gb 800MHz as i mentioned,but in CPU-Z,the ram refresh is show as 400Mhz ?? could it have dropped over the years? i have no clue about this.

    EDIT:just an addition..why i checked ram was coz the loading times in nfs shift were suddenly ABYSMAL and again were varying each time i ran the game...they varied from 2-3 minutes to 30 seconds??

    something is really not right here :-(

    thanks in advance and sorry for all the questions :-)
  4. Your RAM is fine,its always shown as half of the speed of your RAM.Its basically 400mhz clock speed, 800mhz effective speed.
    Like i said,Shift isn't very well optimized.I had low FPS with it too(with a 5970).
    Try other games especially new FPS shooter one and tell us your FPS.
  5. It could be possible that the card is not seated properly and is not running at PCIe x16.Check that as well with gpu-z.
  6. yeah the ram thing i googled right after posting,didnt want to edit twice :P

    @tamz: can a card get loose repeatedly over time(eg. a few hours) ?? gpu-z says Pcie x16@16 so i guess thats ok.does this guarantee that the card is inserted properly ?

    ill try something else..medal of honor of battlefield : bc2 ? are they well optimised?
  7. Yep,especially BC2
  8. hi..i have an update on the issue..

    i've noticed that ALL games run fine when they are run JUST AFTER a system restart ? for eg nfs:shift was giving me a nice and smooth 40+ fps on maxxed settings...

    but when i ran grid just after that it struggled,then even shift struggled on being run again?

    im beginning to think this is an OS/driver issue? im using win 7 64bit and 260.xx beta drivers(was using 258.96 but was facing the same problem)

    any ideas?
  9. Try an older WHQL(Not beta) driver,if it didn't help,then re-install your windows.
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