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ok so i've rearranged my parts added/removed some for a new build i've taken some advice so here's what my situation is:
I will mostly be running World of Warcraft and Starcraft 2 only looking for decent settings as for my integrated gfx on my laptop wont allow me to run either at lowest settings

So what i need to know is will all of these work under a 500W PSU and still be stable enough to run both games at medium to max settings

my parts are:


Case/PSU Combo:


Video Card:

If you guys would be so kind as to tell me would all this be fine under a 500W PSU and is it all compatible with each other?
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  1. nothing?
  2. ^ What resolution ??
    And go with a better PSU,...
  3. res 1280x768

    also im looking at replacing something else the case and psu ofc heres there case i was looking at

    first one:

    and second one:

    and here's the psu i decided to go with:

    now with those are either of the cases able to hold my MOBO in place and can the psu fit there as well or are both compatible with the case?
  4. Some suggestions -
    Mobo -
    GIGABYTE GA-770T-USB3 AM3 AMD 770 USB 3.0
    SATA 6GB/s would be of little or no use if not using SSD,...

    CASE -
    Rosewill DESTROYER
    $5 off w/ promo code EMCZNNY27, ends 12/26
    Free Shipping

    Video card -

    PSU -
    Go with a better quality

    RAM - If no overclocking or just slight, then this RAM would do
  5. quick question
    difference between continuous PSU to regular

    dont you count the cpu Watt output along with the Video card?

    and the case would the psu i chose fit that case and themother board i picked as well fit?
  6. ^ They continuous power is the actual stable power that a PSU can supply, but many low tier manufacturers rate their PSU based on the peak power not by the actual continuous power that it can output which will be lower than the peak power,...

    So I would rather go with Tier 1 manufacturers for the same reason,...
    And yes it would fit, but I would get either of the PSU that I have linked over that Radimax,...
    Or even this PSU is very good-
  7. ok this might be stupid but i completely redone everything here's a picture of my parts list i think i did rather good so if you could tell me if its an ok build in other words do the job well enough to run
    World of Warcraft and Starcraft 2 anywhere from medium settings to max settings on my resolution i posted?

    Hopefully this is all compatible and will do the job with no further rearranging products
  8. ^ 1. That board only offers Crossfire and you have selected Nvidia video card, so no use going with that board

    2. PSU - I think I have explained the importance of a good PSU to you twice,...
    No matter what, I would not skimp on the quality of the PSU,...

    3. HDD - Just a few bucks more and you get newer, faster and bigger HDDs,...

    4. DVD - Get a SATA drive - Thinner cable so less clutter,...
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