$2000 AMD build, components compatiable?

First time system builder here so go easy on me.
Just purchased all this and second guessing myself on whether everything is compatible (down to it even all fitting in the box, HUGE aftermarket heatsink and the GPU is also large). Take note that in this case the mobo is at 90° mounting design...
On the case I really wanted something that featured positive pressure (dust is really an issue where I live) and this was the largest positive pressure case I could find.

I already ordered everything (I know I should have checked withe the community first "doh"!)
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  1. Ordered all the parts?? Hmm,...
    1. PSU - You get more powerful 80+ Gold ones which are as good or even better for less,...
    Seasonic X750
    Corsair AX750

    2. RAM - Why did you order a Tri-Channel kit for AMD ? And how many kits did you order ? Not that you can use those RMA sticks, but the board has only 4 RAM slots and if you wanted more RAM, then you should have gone with 4GB sticks,...

    3. About the case fitting the D14, I have seen pics of the case fitting the Prolimatech Megahalems, but not sure about the D14 though...
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    Yip, you should have checked. But at least you found us, right?

    Don't worry too much, I think the parts are compatible. The RAM ought to work with a slight performance hit you won't really notice. The heatsink also should fit.

    You're going to need this: tecmo34's step by step guide to building a pc. Start at step two, and follow it closely. You can also get hints on your build by going back to newegg and reading the reviews of the products you bought, especially for the case and motherboard.

    Finally, if you get stuck, here is a troubleshooting guide that might fix your problem: shortstuff's checklist

    Good Luck!
  3. Since you already ordered it, no point in advising other parts. Looks like everything should work fine. The only thing is that your motherboard only has 4 RAM slots and operates in dual channel mode. It appears you ordered 2 triple channel kits so you will have 2 sticks left over. Still, 8GB should be plenty for your needs.

    Happy building/overclocking
  4. On the ram I was excited to checkout (been planning this build for 8 months and finally had the money all in one place) and didn't pay attention. I just saw it was a good price for ddr3 1600 and wasn't looking that is was triple channel and "optimized" for intel boards. I did check with Asus and the ram is compatible with the mobo I ordered.

    I actually only ordered 3 sticks (so 6gbs), there was an error in the shopping cart.
    Can you guys tell me in regards to ram optimally what timing should you be going for on a gaming/all purpose rig like this?

    Would I be better off to return the ram I purchased and get 4gbs of something else?
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