Baffling internet problem

I have been trying to solve this problem for about a month now without any success, If someone can please help me with this I would be incredibly greatfull.


It's a problem with my wireless internet, it is extremely slow on my computer which is a high spec machine.

HD 4870
Phenom II X4 955

It is not slow when in safe mode
(it's not a problem with microsoft services as I went through a process of elimination with them all and found none to be the cause of the problem)

I don't think it's an internet problem as there are two other machines on the network that run great.

The internet can work fine for hours sometimes (worked for two days recently) but then reverts back to it's old self.

It's not caused by drivers, heat or virus as I have tested for them all. I have even installed different OS's only to find the same problem.

It's not regular slowdown as even downloading a few kbs takes ages and it's a 20mb connection.

The problem arose directly after the installation of a new CPU and mobo.

Weirdly when i uninstalled my GFX driver the problem disappeared.

Thats pretty weird because I even sent it to be fixed and the guy in the shop said they had it running without problems for 2 days.

It had a GFX driver installed then, although it might have been going through a good spell.

I just have no idea whats wrong, there are no other problems, everything works great except for the damn internet, I have to surf in safe mode all the time.

So if anyone has any suggestion please let me know. Thanks
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  1. Likely a resource clash -- very likely if PCI wireless adapter. Check Control Panel, System, Hardware, Device Manager and see if there are any resource issues highlighted.

    One possible remedy is to disable any spare ports using the BIOS which will free up resources.
  2. everytime i uninstall the video drivers the problem goes away. what could this be???

    @filhart. it's not that, thanks though
  3. anyone??
  4. What is the make and model of your wireless hardware?

    If the problem dissapears each time you uninstall the graphics drivers - it is liekly a clash between the graphics card and the wireless hardware.

    Are you connecting wirelessly as the router is not local to the PC?
    Have you considered using 'home plugs' to conenct to the router? (these use your electrical ring main as a network).
  5. The problem didn't disappear the last time I uninstalled the driver. Don't know why because I didn't change anything. My network card is a Broadcom 802.11g network adapter,

    "Are you connecting wirelessly as the router is not local to the PC?
    Have you considered using 'home plugs' to conenct to the router? (these use your electrical ring main as a network)."

    sorry i don't really know what you mean by this, im not very tech savy. I'll answer anyway!


    No, I don't think so?
  6. Actually its the driver, more tests revealed it to be.every time i uninstall it the internet is lightning fast. i even tried a different card but had the same problem. so the video driver causes slow internet. ive found nothing like this on any forum anywhere can someone please help before i call a pc technician which is gonna cost loads!
  7. for some reason problem went away when i tried a different card. problem remained with new card but vanished when i put old one back in. WHAT? i dunno but its working now..
  8. you'll never guess! the problem is back! hooray! after 4 or so days of perfect internet I assumed all was well.... only to discover a slight stutter was present in a few of my games. naturally i tried all remedies like drivers and such, with no success I swapped my HDD to see if that was causing the problem. As soon as I did this the problem came back even when I put the old one back! Makes absolutely no sense, i'm starting to get very pissed off at this computer and will smash it with a hammer if i don't find a permanent solution soon. Does ANYONE know why this is happening??? Is it a faulty motherboard, CPU RAM or WiFi card. They are the only possible components, and why is it that switching parts made the internet thing come back? I've had nothing but problems ever since i upgraded my mobo RAM and CPU, i'm just gonna sell it all if this doesn't get fixed very soon.
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