GTX 470 SLI - 4x 12v Rail @ 18A each? Is it enough?

I have a persistent and random problem with my PC at the moment!

My computer jus seems to randomly crash with BSOD lacale id: 2057 which i have found out is my graphics cards / drivers.

I'm having trouble finding out what is causing it.

Im running:

MSI p67a GD65 mobo
i5 2500K @ 4.2GHz
4GB XMS3 1600Mhz ram
2x GTX 470 in SLi
WD Caviar black 500gb
1x SATA to IDE converter
750w Modular SLi ready PSU

The BSODs happen with or without any overlcock to GPU and CPU. Infact its worse without the overlcocked CPU. Cant even get into windows sometimes.

The only thing i can think of is the PSU.

Its 750w novatech black edition modular PSU: SLi Ready and 80+ certified ....seems a good quality bit of kit.

However i think this is the culprit.

It has 4x 12v Rails @ 18A per rail. Im beggining to think its not enough?

Ive had the cards running overclocked but i get BSOD every now and then, so uninstalled Afterburner and now im getting BSODs even more im confused as to whats causing it!!!

can any1 help??
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  1. It has 650watt available for the combined +12 volts which equals 650/12=54amps
    That should be enough but it is possible that it is rated at max 10sec load, then it is not!
  2. I just googled 470 power consumption and came up with 368 to 433 per card depending on the hardware used with it. I'd say you're cutting it close with that "ocz" knockoff and the rest of the stuff in your build. I always try and "overdo" it when I purchase PSU's. Can never have enough clean power. Hows it run with 1 card ?
  3. Swifty, you found reviews with total system power consumption, a GTX 470 will pull about 215W from the PSU, the 368W and 433 numbers would be for the full system at the wall which will include CPU power draw and PSU efficiency.

    A good 650W unit has enough for 2 GTX 470s, yours should be sufficient, generally lack of power wont be causing a BSOD it will cause an abrupt shut down as protection systems kick in, and your inability to get into windows at times tells me its less likely to be a power issue as loading up windows doesnt put much of a load on the GPUs and a power issue would be perfectly consistent, everytime you try to load up windows it should fail, not just sometimes.

    I would run memtest for 5 or 6 passes and see if it finds memory errors, random blue screens are more likely to be memory related as it doesnt always use the same blocks for the same jobs so they are harder to reproduce.
  4. well, technically its a blackscreen of death. No bluescreen appears but after restart i get an error report sayin BLUESCREEN , Locale ID 2057 etc...

    I knew i was cutting it close with the PSU, but saw a GTX 470 for £155 and couldnt resist gettin the 2nd!! This is what brought me to believe that its prob the PSU thats causing it.

    Used OCCT to test the mem on the GPU, done 10 passes and no errors reported.

    I cant figure it out.

    When i first built the system the 2nd GTX 470 wasnt detected. And after a bios flash and a re-installed driver i got it up and running. Now i jus get BSODs.

    Another thing is sometimes the computer wont even post. The only time it will start is if i turn the computer off then switch it off at the PSU, leave for 10sec+ then reboot and it gets into windows no prob, till the next crash then its jus randomly crashes when loading into windows after the im assuming its when the driver initiates?

    Could it possibly be the MOBO?? Like a dodgey PCI-E slot?

    Cheers for the replies, been helpful so far ;)

  5. 54 Amps combined on the 12v Rail.

    650w / 12v , as mentioned above.

    Novatech is a UK based computer company, this is their own brand. Apparently theyre made by OCZ, ive heard from 2 different people now.

    Its not a cheap PSU...its quite well made and has a lot of features.
  6. Bump.

    OK, Ive tried using jus one graphics card in both PCI-E slots, in the first one i managed to play a game for a couple of hours. In the second one i played for about 20mins then computer froze, but didnt BSOD? Maybe jus co-incidence but i think not.

    Could it possibly be a dodgey PCI-E slot?????
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