Rebuild, PSU power but nothing to the motherboard

My old PSU died and I just got a new one back under warranty, ive put everything back together (maybe correctly, im yet to see) but I cant seem to get any response from my mboard. The PSU is getting power, little green light and all, however nothing seems to be making it to the mboard. Usually that little blue power light comes on as long as its powered but nothing I do seems to work.

Any ideas? Could my mboard be stuffed now as well?
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  1. Well you could extract the mobo from the case and breadboard it with minimal ram,video card and a bootable floppy,or hdd if no floppy, OR, you could take the mobo and cpu to your local friendly computer store and have them test it, you need to know for sure that the problem is not the cpu, then it is either the ram or as you suggest maybe the mobo is stuffed...:)
  2. Thanks for that, ill strip it down to check it. Get a feeling ill be returning my mboard under warranty :( Aww well could be worse
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