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I am buying an ASUS P8Z68-V Pro Motherboard, with a Core i7 2600. I plan to run Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. I am looking at buying the Corsair 16GB Vengeance blue - amazon link

The question I have is it worth it? Will the board and CPU utilize it? I know that the windows 7 memory max is 192GB. On the laptop I'm using there is 4GB, it says 3.75GB usable. Can someone help me understand this, and give some info/opinions on the 16GB for the desktop?

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  1. For more of 3,75 use the 64 bits version only
  2. What will you be doing with the desktop?

    The reason why your laptop only uses 3.75 is that it is either a 32-bit Windows, or that the lapotps board does not have full 4GB support(very rare but I had the same issue).
  3. The desktop will be my everything computer. I will do photo editing, possibly some video editing, gaming. Will also be used for work at home, mostly MS Office apps for work. The thing is I don't want to have to buy RAM later due to low memory.

    I will have dual 23 inch screens, so if I am gaming on one, have the web up on the other, or perhaps work.

    Also, I guess it isn't so much of an issue of will it be used as can it use it all?
  4. In general, you won't use more than 4GB for most everyday tasks. Some games might take advantage of more than 4GB of RAM. Photo and video editing (depending on the program) will use as much RAM as you can give it.

    For my PC, which I use for HD home video editing, I went with 8GB. If I could have afforded 16GB I would have gotten it, but I figured I can expand later. I have to say I'm very impressed with my build, but then again I was previously running on an Athlon 64 X2 4400+ with 2.5GB of RAM.
  5. Correct, I would say get the 16GB! At current RAM prices, why the hell not.

    Video editing is anyway very RAM intensive.

    BUT Don't get vengeance RAM, its not worth the extra price, Dominator is good enough and almost the same thing.
  6. Thanks for the input guys.
  7. My wife runs her mmorpg's, downloads, chats, etc. all at the same time. Phenom II X4, 8GB, usually shows around 3 GB free.
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