Help with gaming rig plan please...

I'm going to make a computer next year and I'm currently planning on what to get. I've been looking at this motherboard and I've been wondering how much RAM is necessary for building a gaming rig which I'll be using for some time. I'll also need some suggestions for cases and graphics cards (ATI radeon single card or Crossfire) for gaming performance and what other things which would be necessary :cry:

Here are some things I've thought of getting:
Intel i7-950
Corsair HX850
Arctic Cooling F12 Pro PWM case fans
Intel X25-M 40GB
Seagate Barracuda 1TB Drive 7200rpm
Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro Rev. 2 CPU Cooler
Windows 7 Ultimate

Please tell me what I should add on or change from my current list.
Just to tell you, I'm planning to spend around £1000 - £1500
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  1. 4 GB (two ea. 2 gb sticks) will do for now....

    I'd personally skip SSD for now, can get two each 750 GB-1 TB drives for $140?? Once the game level loads (albeit 5% slower without SSD), the framerates will rock...

    Put the money saved from lack of SSD towards better video card...6950 or GTX570 if budget affords....
  2. regarding the graphics card, you need to ask yourself some questions first:

    when are you planning on making it next year? if not for awhile, then any gpu you pick now might be outdated.

    what size monitor are you using, or do you need to buy one? the resolution of your monitor will determine what gpu you should get also (there's no need to go buy the latest and greatest card if you're playing on a 17" screen!)

    do you want to play every game at the absolute highest settings? if so, be prepared to dish out a lot of cash on your gpu. if you don't need maxed out settings, you can probably save some money.

    hope those things to think about help!
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