Pentium 4 compatible video graphics cards

Please suggest me which video graphics card is best for my computer


Intel pantium4 CPU 3.06 GHz Processor
Ram 1.23 GB DDR1
VGA Graphics Adapter
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  1. For that speed CPU, you may have a PCIe card, if you do, Radeon HD 5550 GDDR5.

    If you are planning to upgrade later to a faster PC, take a look here,2761.html and get something higher end. Unless you have a good power supply over 400watts, don't get anything over $100, you probably won't have the power to run it.
  2. What motherboard you have? Do you have a PCI-E slot, or just AGP?

    Anyways, a Pentium4 is so aged now, your CPU is going to hurt you, regardless of the GPU you put into the system.
  3. Will need more system specs before we can help. What you have listed we could provide you with lots of options but many of them would be miss guided. Please supply more details.
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