What ram 12G 1600Mhz or 16G 1333Mhz

What should I get on my laptop?

16G 1333Mhz or 12G 1600Mhz

My black Friday deal offers extra 4 gig of ram but doesn't apply to the 1600Mhz. So I settle for what I ordered, the 12G 1600Mhz or get 16G 1333Mhz at no cost.
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  1. No cost? go for it. Not much difference in speed.
  2. 9.999/10 your laptop won't run DDR3-1600 SO-DIMM RAM; only a very few offer BIOS setting to increase the DRAM Frequency (this is an OEM limitation). I doubt you'll see any real improvement if you already have 4GB, and instead Hibernation on/off will take a really longtime to write/read 16GB from the HDD.

    Also, you need to verify that the RAM is compatible with your Notebook/Laptop; go to either your OEM or Crucial -> http://www.crucial.com/ and verify maximum capacity.
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