Display to large for 32" Vizio TV using HDMI Connection

I am connected to Vizio 32" LCD TV using HDMI Cable. Everything is good did all adjustments but can't seem to get Display to size to Monitor. Desk top and all icons ect. are just a little past screen all around. What am I missing.
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  1. Did you adjust the screen resolution for the computer. Also check the aspect ratio on you tv.
  2. What is the model number of the LCD, and what resolution are you trying to use? Also what video card do you have? Are you running only the 32" or do you have another monitor connected? And are you cloning the display or running an extended desktop?
  3. Yes. I did all that. Thanks for the help. I will keep trying.
  4. Looks like scaling options related adjustment

    List down the system specs particularly GPU, and the model of 32 LCD TV
  5. Open the Desktop Size/Scaling option and adjust :

    Nvidia Setting/ ATI Catalyst.

    Or you can fix it by changing the scaling from your TV to : Fit To Screen" by keeping on pressing the scaling button on your remote control, but i don't recommend this option, just do it if the first solution didn't work.


  6. I have intel hd 4000 and I have the same problem with my vizio. Is it the gpu or the moniter?
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