DUAL VS QUAD upgrade

I currently have an Intel e7500 dual core. I was able to overclock it at 3.5 and it was stable. I was able to get great performance increased when I was able to overclock it.

I was able to find a cheap quad core (Q6600 GO stepping).

So I am thinking is it worth getting it? or should I stick with my 3.5 dual core?

What do you think guys?
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  1. What do you use the computer for? Gaming? HTPC?
  2. This is used primarily for gaming. Sorry if I missed mentioning that bit.
  3. Right now most games only utilize 2 cores.

    I would definately upgrade to a quad core (or higher) after the release of bulldozer though.

    (Prices of quad/hexa/octa cores will drop)
  4. So getting the quadcore is better than my current dual core. Is that what you meant? Performance wise will it be beneficial?
  5. For the most part, yes. If a game supports 2 cores, a third core would be able to run background tasks and the operating system.

    Sometimes you won't see a huge increase though.
  6. the quad is clocked lower than the dual which is at 3.5 and 2.4 for the quad.
  7. It always depends on which model you're looking at.

    I'm just saying if the clocks are similar, you won't see much improvement in many games.

    BFBC2 gave me a HUGE increase since it uses all 4 cores.
  8. A quad core would certainly be better for gaming, more modern games are able to make use of more than one core, but of course there is no guarantee that you will get a good overclock out of that chip. It's possible that the game you play will show little or no benefit if you only take the Q6600 to 3.0Ghz or so. If it was me I would go for it, but you may be better off waiting till Sandy Bridge and Bulldozer come out next year. I mean hey, you've waited this long right?
  9. @jaguarmatt I was able to play BFBC2 at max settings with no problem. 1200 x 900 reso

    @megamanx00 I am not really waiting for Sandy or Bulldozer coz I am pretty sure they will be expensive and not a good buy for this thriving economy lol. i might get the q6600 seeing that it will be a cheaper alternative for now. unless if my system slows down big time. lol
  10. I play at 1920x1080 with x32 AA and x8 AF, so there may be a bit of difference. xD

    FPS will also depend on your graphics card.
  11. Most people say to wait for SB and Bulldozer because the prices of other processors will drop. (gtx 470 was $350, hd 6850 came out and the gtx 470 dropped about $50 within a few hours of the 6850's realease)
  12. Thats definitely something to consider for someone who is into upgrading very often or who is in the enthusiast level. I am more of the regular or mid range user. But hey it doesnt mean I don't love those i7s.. I mean.. who wouldnt? :D
  13. If you're impatient you could spend more than you have to and pick up a processor now, or you could wait a few months and save yourself some money.

    But that decision is entirely up to you.
  14. well must be my lucky day.. since it is on sale. part of the year end sale thingy so wouldn't hurt to get this now. thanks for your input jaguarmatt. appreciate it. oh thanks to megaman too. happy holidays!
  15. Happy holidays and good luck with your build.
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