G1.Guerrilla Raid 0

Sorry if this is covered somewhere my searches have yielded nothing and that means most likely I am asking the wrong question.

Gigabyte has not helped, and the manual that came with the board is totally wrong.

I am having a very hard time getting the Raid 0 to configure using the manual that came with the mother board.
When i follow the instructions in section 5 of the manual, it says to first set the bios like this

CMOS Setup Utility-Copyright (C) 1984-2011 Award Software
Integrated Peripherals
eXtreme Hard Drive (XHD) [Disabled]
ICH SATA Control Mode [RAID(XHD]
SATA Port0-3 Native Mode [Disabled]
USB Controllers [Enabled]
USB Keyboard Function [Enabled]
USB Mouse Function [Disabled]
USB Storage Function [Enabled]
Onboard Audio [Enabled]
Onboard H/W LAN [Enabled]
Onboard USB 3.0 Controller [Enabled]
eSATA Controller [Enabled]
eSATA Ctrl Mode [IDE]
GSATA3 6_7/IDE Controller [Enabled]
GSATA3 6_7/IDE Ctrl Mode [IDE]

This was accomplished with no problem.
Then it says this

Step 1:
After the POST memory test begins and before the operating system boot begins, look for a message which
says "Press <Ctrl-I> to enter Configuration Utility" (Figure 2). Press <Ctrl> + <I> to enter the RAID Configuration Utility.
Figure 2
Step 2:
After you press <Ctrl> + <I>, the MAIN MENU screen will appear (Figure 3).
Create RAID Volume
If you want to create a RAID array, select Create RAID Volume in MAIN MENU and press <Enter>.
Figure 3
Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager option ROM v8.9.1.1002 ICH10R/DO wRAID5

I never receive the Control I message and I cannot enter the configuration as documented

How can I get to this menu?

I also loaded the Raid configuration tool, but it keeps saying the G something or other is not present.
But in my device manager it shows it is there and is working properly
It also shows an Intel Sata Raid controller installed and working properly

The set up is G1.Guerrilla Killer board
Intel I970
24 gigs of DDR3 1333 memory 4 gig in each slot
2 Barracuda 6gbs sata3 1 TB hard drives 7200, with sata3 cables
2 Nvidia 550Ti graphics cards in SLI
Cooler Master full tower
H100 Water Cooled
Windows 7 Professional
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    The G1.Guerrilla has (3) options for RAID 0, so first it depends on the 'drive' and next what chipset/SATA ports you are connected to on the MOBO.

    Example, if RAID 0 (2) SSD's then you would be better off using your Marvell 9182 SATA ports and both the Marvell SATA3 ports (GSATA3_6 & GSATA3_7) and BIOS Marvell; GSATA3 6_7/IDE Ctrl Mode -> RAID. Next you'd use (Ctrl + M) to access the Marvell setup.

    However, since you listed mechanical HDD's and in that case IMO you're better-off using the Intel SATA2 ports (SATA2_0~SATA2_3); SATA Control Mode -> RAID(XHD). Next you'd use (Ctrl + I) to access the Intel setup.

    Look at the manual to clearly identify the proper SATA ports; Intel use the top (4) ports (black/SATA2_0~SATA2_3) closet to the CPU, and Marvell use the bottom (2) SATA ports (white/GSATA3_6 & GSATA3_7).
  2. That makes sense. I went back and tried the Marvel set up again and found none of the drivers on the disc that came with the board are compatible with the hardware.
    There is however a newer Marvel driver that I can try.
    from what I read though, the marvel drivers are poop and the intel even if it is not sata3 like my hard drives may prove more stable and just as fast

    Thank you so much
  3. Best answer
    Mechanical HDD's are limited to 120MB/s~150MB/s and SATA2's limit is 300MB/s (295MB/s real limit). Overall the 'real world' differences overall favor the Intel, thought the Marvell SATA3 offers 'burst' advantages. The newer Marvell divers are fine, but I prefer Intel given a reasonable choice.

    Marvell Drivers (v1.2) ->
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  5. That is my plan tonight
    going to try the marvel drivers and bench mark, then try the intel and see where we are.

    You have been extremely helpful, thank you
  6. Good luck! Let me know how they bench. :)
  7. I'm a G1.Guerilla user myself and I'm not too savy with computers when it comes to BIOS blah blah blah. I'm more of a plug and play user that then later configures BIOS things via Windows utility auto programs.

    Anyhow I'm aware that my mobo only has two 6gb/s for RAID 0. great. this is what I want to accomplish today. I do serious HD editing work with numerous files so it has to be this way. Upon reading this thread, will I have a problem using two Barracuda XT 2TB (mechanical) SATA III 6gbs drives in RAID 0 for my two 6gbs ports? I'm reading that there are problems with this?

    At the moment I have only one 120 SSD SATA III 6gb/s running windows. All my other ports are currently empty as I'm about to attempt a RAID 0 configuration. What port should I nest my current OS drive as mentioned?

    I would like to take advantage of XHD. Is this a bonus for RAID 0?

    Sorry for these questions.

  8. There's no reason to use SATA3 (6 Gb/s) ports with ANY mechanical HDD (maybe HHD); particularly in your case -- keep the SSD on the Marvell 9182 port. Therefore, use the Intel SATA2 ports -- the top (4) ports for RAID and use Intel's BIOS RAID configuration -> Ctrl+I to set them up as RAID. Don't use a software or 'XHD' RAID configuration.

    Keep in mind RAID 0 is indeed faster but if you loose (1) HDD then poof you lose all of your data on BOTH HDD's permanently.
  9. Thanks, Jaquith

    I have two eSATA hard drive docks connected to my two eSATA rear ports. My history in editing was first SCSI, then FW400, to FW800, and then Glyph or G-Tech's eSATA External Enclosure's in RAID 0 modes. I live in Istanbul, originally from NYC, and it's really inconvenient for me to get these goods without paying a big tax. Plus after my G-Tech drive died out I decided to build a new rig hence my post.

    I have many SATA 3gbs 7200 drives in a bin. They're usually for backup or reference. What I really want to achieve is aquire a Revo SSD for my PCI-e slot for Windows. Then set up extremely fast SSD's for RAID 0 in 6gbs slots. So ideally I'll just be dumping new media (projects) into the RAID 0 VD so that Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 can read media from those ports. When I'm done with the project I then delete the media ready for new project media.

    I have not experienced SSD 6gbs in RAID 0 so I can only imagine it to be sweet since my RAID 0 G-Tech 2TB (now dead) was extremely fast. I need to edit in FULL HD 1080P with numerous files so this is why I hope getting the Guerilla was a good choice for my 990x extreme & 24Gb kıt. So far so good.

    Do you think the SSD PCI-E OS is a good idea? Lastly, I updated my BIOS via the utility software in Windows and now it's up to date for Marvell support in RAID 0 mode. I was able to create a VD 3.9TB in RAID 0 (from two 2TB 7200). Device manager can see the disks, but Disk management can't recognize the RAID 0 config as if they're not even there. So I can't create the volume, or do I need to? Anyhow I can't see the new VD 3.9TB in Windows. As you mentioned mechanical is not a good idea for 6gbs (why by the way?), but I'm afraid that if I buy two new SSD for RAID 0 for 6gbs Windows will still not recognize it. Thoughts for optimal performance?

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