Can the Dell Studio XPS 8100 handle sli or crossfire?

Hello I bouhgt the Dell XPS 8100 and was wondering if it can handle crossfire or sli.. Im not a computer person but I have seen on other places where ppl did crossfire/sli on it.. Just want to make sure thats true or not..
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  1. yes, you can do sli or crossfire. im pretty sure it has to be the same kind of slot tho. if you got two pci-e 2.0 cards. one in the x2.0 slot and another in the x1.0 slot, the x1.0 slot card will only run at the x1.0 speed, opposed to the x2.0 card slot.

    ps. im only a novice when it comes to slots, but thats what i got from looking it up. hope this helps. ^_^
  2. XPS8100 motherboard only has one PCIexpress x16 slot so it is not capable of SLI or CF.
  3. SO your saying that I can replace my motherboard? Thanks for the replies all =) This came with an HD 5770 and I was going to get a 6950 HD XFX
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