Sometimes Low FPS, sometimes High FPS for SAME GAME

I play dirt 3 on ultra settings and main menu fps is about 57-60
BUT SOMETIMES my computer runs at low performance and I get 35-38 fps in main menu. So while in the game I can't play the game properly even at low settings because of that issue.

When I restart my computer and change RAM Voltage or timing settings in BIOS randomly OR CHANGE RAM SOCKET POSITIONS OR PLUG IN DIFFERENT RAM (like remove my Patriot DDR3 1600 MHz and replace Kingstone DDR3 1600MHz) , problem is temporarly solved. To fix that problem again; I remove Kingstone and replace Patriot... Remove Patriot and replace Kingston.... Sometimes it doesn't effect so i have to change BIOS settings for RAM...

That was an example for one game, but that issue for every game...(Crysis 2, dirt 2, BF3, MW3, GTA 4, FEAR 3 ..... )
*My fans are clean (dust removed)
*Drivers & Windows 7 are up to date
*Re-installing Windows is tried, nothing changed.
*All systme temperatures are normal

Processor: AMD Phenom II 965 Black Eddition 3,4 Ghz Processor

RAM: 4 GB DDR3 Patriot

Mainboard: Gigabyte GA-770TA-UD3

Video Card: Sapphire ATI HD 6970

Windows 7 - 64 Bit Ultimate Eddition

ATI Catalyst Version: (11.10 - Last Installed, Default Settings)

Monitor: *Full HD LG(1920x1080 resolution)

Power Supply: OCZ - 700Watt
I am sure it is about my mainboard but I don't know how to fix it...

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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    First, don't mix-match RAM together. Next, if you're OC'ing both the CPU and HD 6970 plus the PSU is older then your PSU could be bottlenecking the GPU by providing insufficient power.

    Next DDR3-1600 + Phenom II 965 to run properly requires a FSB of 240MHz otherwise it'll run fine at DDR3-1333 without the FSB.

    So my questions:
    1. Any OC'ing - CPU and/or GPU?
    2. Are you mixing (2) different sets of RAM?
    3. What exact RAM?

    For right now IMO Clear CMOS (use Jumper Method); see -> and set the BIOS settings again e.g. if using AHCI, CPU, RAM, etc.
  2. I tried single ram and 2 Ram... Nothing changed... There is no OC, I calculate Voltage settings and 650 Watt is enough, I think :)
    My RAMs are;

    *2 GB X 2 GB Patriot (

    *KINGSTON 4GB Hyperx Genesis DDR3 1600MHz CL9

    I tried every combination (like only 2 GB patriot, or only 4 GB Kingstone , or mix of them... )

    -Yes, clearing the CMOS is a solution but it is TEMPORARY :( , After shut down computer, and turn on it again, games are run at low fps again... I have to do this every time. I tired to do that every time...

    By the way, thank you. Can you suggest another solution?
  3. PSU's loose 15%~20%+ capacity due to "electrolytic capacitor aging" and even more if Japanese capacitors aren't used; I checked the size before I posted ;) If the PSU is 1~2 years old and cheap it's a possibility.

    To eliminate background Apps as the root run MSCONFIG and select Diagnostic mode and reboot. Test again; Diagnostic mode won't run online gaming.

    Q - In the BIOS what settings beyond 'Defaults' are changed?
    Q - What Frequency are you running the RAM?

    I assume you're using the correct DIMM Slots:
    CPU: | Set1 | Set1 | empty | empty
    2 Sets {must be the same Frequency, CAS Timings and Voltage -- best to use a matching set}:
    CPU: | Set1 | Set1 | Set2 | Set2
  4. I use sometimes 9 - 9 - 9 - 25 (timings) = this is a temporary solution again :) After restart, game is runing at low fps again... Aftfer that, I change timings to Auto.. And this is a temporary solution too :=)
    My mainboard suppord 1333 MHz and up to 2000 MHz (O.C), in Auto configration, bios defaults at 1600 MHz. But I tried 1333 and 1600 both.... Same problem continues.... This makes me crasy.
    -Note: I tried single memory and every slots... Nothing changed..
    -I also tried ganged and unganged mode... both of them is same result for me.
    I didn't change any configration for bios for test my fps. Settings are at "optimized default" Same problem continues. Then I change DRAM voltage 1.50 , 1.52, 1.54, and 1.60 ... solution is temporary again.
    In addition, theese trials didn't work sometimes... My computer is called SOMETIMES :D I think it is start to be a human... If it wants to run games fast, then games run at high fps, if it doesn't want to work, then games run at low fps :)
    My PSU is 1 year old. I want to try another PSU but I haven't any PSU higher than 700 W... But it is interesting because sometimes my computer works fine....
  5. IF it's a PSU issue then under high loads is when you'd see a problem.

    I'd probably use BIOS F3 or perhaps even re-flash if the problem continues; use Q-Flash method.

    IF the RAM is indeed running at DDR3-1600 frequency then you 'do' need to increase the FSB -> 240MHz and in doing so low the CPU ratio otherwise it'll be OC'ed.

    Further, do NOT use Apps like Easy Tune6 -- uninstall them. Reason and this might be the problem, you change the BIOS boot then the Utility screws with the BIOS reboot = endless circle.
  6. Sory for my English but is OC mean Over Clock or Over cook ??? if I increase FSB to 240 MHz??
    I use F3, F4b and F2 , nothing changed :)
    Easy Tune was causing BSOD sometimes :=) So I never install after re-install my Windows 7 :) by the way, my power Management option is "High Performance" .. Today I played Dirt 3 high FPS but after restart my computer, now low FPS in dirt 3 (same track, same race, same menu) again....
    But I believe it is about voltage and timings... "Auto" mode can't detect correct values in bios, I think. Or my mainboard is garbage....
    Could PSU work %100 efficiency sometimes and sometimes could it work %80 efficiency? Can we still think PSU causes my fps issue?
    Thank you so much
  7. OC = Overclock.

    Q - Is your PSU loud after playing for a while?
    Q - Any changes in performance when MSCONFIG -> Diagnostic?
    Q - What Gigabyte Utilities are installed or other BIOS modifying Apps are installed? {hint none is best}

    Typically, on systems Less = More.

    In the BIOS set the Init Display First -> PEG

    Also with you AV (Anti Virus) set it to 'Game mode' or try 'Disabled'.
  8. 1-No, my psu's noise is never change even I played games 6 hours.
    2-No, MSCONFİG-> Diagonistic doesn't effect my performance. But I get BSOD my first trial. Something is wrong with my system but I can't figure it out
    3-None of Gigabyte utilities are installed. Just drivers...
    *Init Display First -> PEG = I apply that but nothing changed.. Can you give me a little information what is it?
    *(Eset Smart Security 4) My AV is disabled complately but nothing changed....
    Very very very thank you :)
  9. If "MSCONFIG-> Diagonistic" option selected then I can't open windows and I get a BSOD : "IRQL not less or equal " like that
  10. Engerek1 said:
    If "MSCONFIG-> Diagonistic" option selected then I can't open windows and I get a BSOD : "IRQL not less or equal " like that

    Here's possibly the root of the problem. You 'shouldn't' have problems running Windows in Diagnostic Mode. Occasionally, maybe a oddball PCI or USB device will cause a Diagnostic mode failure.

    Review ->
    Review ->

    Everyone has their ways of dealing with Windows, mine is to reformat and start from scratch. I use USB installation for Windows and register last second once the 'bugs' if any are gone.

    You can look in the Event Manager for the specific reason for the IRQL error; [+] Critical errors.

  11. It says: Event ID: 41, Source: Kernel-Power
  12. Can anyone help me ? I have to reset cmos if my computer runs games at low fps...
  13. Event ID: 41 means an 'unknown' shutdown, IF the Critical error report shows no other 'Device' failures.

    With (1) set installed, as above, create a bootable CD/DVD of Memtest86+ using the ISO/zip file. Run the test for at least 2 hours with BIOS = Load Optimized (or Defaults).

    Memtest86+ -
  14. I run memtest at least 8 hours and it isin't finish :=) Is it normal? Or this program an endless program? It gives failure on test 5 , test 7 and test 8. Most of errors was on test 5. I select load opt. but like I say, after shutdown, and restart, my computer get low fps again. In addition, even in load optimized, I can't start windows properly in msconfig->diagonistic. very very interesting...
  15. Memtest will run forever so if you had no errors after 8 hours == the problem wouldn't be your RAM. However, this is NOT the case. Test 7 is generally from your CPU's IMC, and if you had Inversion errors then I too would assume you had failures in other Test(s) as well.

    edit: Memtest Tests explained -

    IMO - RMA your RAM, most RAM sold today have Lifetime Warranties.
  16. I will try a new mainboard and a new PSU, then I will test my system again. I have to reset my CMOS every time I shut down my computer. But If computer in sleep mode, my computer runs games at fine fps :) Interesting !
  17. Then try all of the Sleep Modes in the BIOS (S3), and see if one works reliably. The Memtest errors need to be addresses as I mentioned.
  18. I figure out it's not about Sleep modes :) My theory is broken :) In windows, while my computer runs games at high fps, or watching movie, or just open and waiting; a warning show up like that "your video card has shut downed and its successfully survive that issue"... Than I open games and it runs games at low fps again....

    Any ideas?
  19. ??Don't know?? Probably a GPU driver, insufficient RAM or insufficient power.
  20. If you got errors on MemTest86+ then its probably bad RAM.

    However, it is hard to rule out the PSU being the problem.

    OCZ is an OK brand, but they do tend to have multi-rail setups in my experience. It is possible you are overloading one of your rails and the power is getting scaled back resulting in the video card performance getting scaled way back as well.

    You may want to try to try some different wiring setups. You could see some improvement from this.

    I would try a couple new power distributions first to try to rule out a power problem before you go RMAing things (most things are returned as never broken, I think).
  21. It couldn't be bad ram because I tried my friends "Kingstone DDR3 1600MHz" and that ram is working fine on his computer. Mine is Patriot DDR3 1600 MHz. Both of them get errors on memtest. My friend didn't get errors on memtest on his computer. I think it's about mainboard or PSU, maybe processor... This weekend I will swap my all hardwares with my friend's... We will make a little combination with them and I hapo we can figure it out.

  22. If you tried all the RAM on his computer and it didn't give errors and you tried all the RAM on yours and they did all get errors then the motherboard sounds like the source of the problem.

    If you can put all his non-motherboard stuff on your motherboard and it doesn't work, then that pretty much narrows it down.
  23. Again, running in circles here, IF the RAM is running at Rated DDR3-1600 frequencies WITHOUT a FSB -> 240MHz or CPU-NB Frequency -> 2400MHz and maybe a CPU-NB Voltage -> +0.10v -- you will get RAM errors on any non-FX AMD CPU.

    (1) Correct the RAM errors first!!!
    (2) ... then worry/fix the GPU issues.

    IF Load Defaults/Load Optimized causes RAM errors then RMA the RAM.
    IF Load Defaults/Load Optimized no RAM errors then either a MOBO or PSU or GPU/driver problems.

    However, since you have a 'MSCONFIG -> Diagnostic' problem, IMO: back-up ALL data and re-install the OS. Test and IF the problem is corrected then gradually add Apps while testing and saving Restore Points.

    Sure 'try' a different but adequately sized PSU; PSU sizer ->

    IMO do the following to rule-out some oddball issue:
    You can try Lazyman's Breadboard -
    * Disconnect ALL Front Panel & USB Headers ; keep only the PWR & Ground <best> short w/wire.
    * Disconnect ALL peripherals including the Keyboard/Mouse
    * (1) Stick of RAM in the second DIMM slot from CPU
    * Unscrew both the MOBO and PCIe screws

    Pull the MOBO away from anything conductive and supported by a towel ; short PWR & Ground to start.

    Good Luck! :)
  24. Hey! I found the source of problem! But I don't know how can I fix it!!!!

    I tested my mainboard with theese::::;
    *I plug in different CPU's, Different Videocards (Geforce 590, ATI 6970, ATI 4870),
    *Different RAM's (Kingstone 1333 MHz, Kingstone 1600 MHz, Patriot 1600 MHz)
    *I try NEW PSU (1000 Watt!!!!!)
    Same FPS Problem!! Even I pluged in Ati 4870 (dx10 !! ) my FPS in Dirt 3 : 37 FPS!!!
    On ATI 6970 and Geforce 590 on DX 11 :: 38 FPS!!!!
    BIOS settings on default.
    Any ideas??
  25. Best answer
    RMA the MOBO. :)

    I was away for a week...
  26. Technical Service received my MOBO, now I am waiting :)
  27. Sorry, I've been extremely sick over the past week and a half...some nasty bug from a cruise.

    Let me know.
  28. Solution Solved, Technical Servise will give me a new mainboard :) Thank you!
  29. Best answer selected by Engerek1.
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