PNY gtx 470 lag in mw2 and cod4 mp not in sp

Hi I am not sure if anyone has this issue but for some reason my system has this odd lag its not fps or network lag. For mw2 sometimes it works if I restart and I don't like other times my game studders when I turn a corner or shoot at a wall with fmj. Cod 4 it just seems to studder everywhere. An example would be if I get near the hanger on vacant. Im unsure of if this is a dx9 issue reason why is all the other games I have currently installed run fine. BFBC2 works amazing without lag maxed out in mp. If anyone has any ideas I would apreatie it. I have all the latest drivers and have reformated my hd and done a fresh install of windows 7 64 bit and no luck. Im unsure if I should return this card try a different os or go back to ati. Oh and the psu is Antec quatro 1000 watt so it shouldnt be an issue.
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    What Max FPS have you set in COD4 MP? since you have a powerful card.
    Press ~ and type /com_maxfps 250 and check your FPS.
    Also make sure V-sync is disabled.
  2. What ping are you getting while in game?
  3. 50-70
    But my main issue is with mw2 it seems some times when I restart I don't lag and others I do. I actually turned on fraps and it is a rapid fps drop. I normally play with vsync on in mw2 and my frames dropped from 60 to 30 turning a corner or shooting at something with fmj. I also toggled vsync off and dropped from 91 to 30. This only seems to happen in multiplayer and has nothing to due with my connection because I have an amazing one and it does it on my own host and I will lag but my buddy's say my host has absolutely no lag. Im about to just rage and return this overpriced pos and get something from ati.
  4. lol I just called pny what a bunch of idiots sorry for my rage. The guy basically told me to take the issue up with the developer and guess what he has never heard of call of duty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im returning this card end of story im a competitive gamer and do leagues this thing is unreliable ATI here I come. I also strongly advice no one to buy and thing from PNY.
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