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This week I built a new PC. I attempted to install a 64bit Windows 7 legit copy last night (this is after a 5 day stint of repeatedly trying downloaded copies of windows 7). When I tried the legit copy, I BSOD'd instantly. Over the next 10 minutes, I BSOD'd another 4-5 times. While i was trying to install the burned copies, i was having the same problems except that the BSOD was occuring while windows files were expanding. After failing with the legit x64, I tried the legit x86. x86 went straight thru, no BSOD. My system specs are as follows:

EVGA p55 SLI mobo
Intel i5 quad core
4gb DDR3 ram
GeForce 9800GT

Any idea what's going on here? I can provide any additional information as needed. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Assuming you will continue to use your "legit" copy I would say that the 64 bit version is addressing memory in your machine that your 32 bit version is not. Make sure that your BIOS is up to date. It may require an update to allow your motherboard to address 4 GB RAM properely. This is not uncommon though I would have thought that motherboard should be ok. Another possibility is that the memory your 64 bit version is addressing possibly has a fault. Try swapping out the memory and replace it with another brand or at least another DIMM. Finally never use pirated copies of anything if you want a stable system and help on this website. ;-)
  2. Hey, thanks for your help. While im trying to update BIOS from the EVGA website, I get this error message: "Error: BIOS does not support ME ignition firmware update." Did i skip a step?
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