Best motherboard to go with i3 550 cpu?

Looking to pair a motherboard (WITH on board graphics) with the i3 550 cpu any thoughts on what would be the best fit? will do alot of multi tasking nothing graphics heavy. watching movies and streaming. If i use a 24 inch monitor will ineed to have seperate graphics card? please give me newegg links for reference thank you!!
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  1. Not much left at newegg. I would check craigslist or one of the hardware for sale forums, such as anandtech.
  2. You might want to grab the ASRock H55M/USB3 R2.0 that GhislainG suggested. It has USB 3.0, so it will last you longer.

    Edit: The board currently out of stock from Newegg. So you might want to find it elsewhere or buy and equivalent motherboard.
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