HD5770 screen flicker then black screen HELP!!!!!!!

hi, i have just installed a brand new sapphire HD5770 card and the one i replaced is a nvidia geforce 230GT, i dont know if this is a major problem but when windows has booted up and im at the desktop it works for 1 - 2 mins then starts flickering like crazy then goes to a completely black screen! but after another 2 mins or so it comes back on and works perfect. this is confuseing because if i restart the computer it doesnt do it, it only happens when it has been shut down for at least a few hours. i took out the card and put it back in done a clean install with driver cleaner, updated to the latest drivers, reinstalled windows by complete recovery and a few other things with catalyst control center but nothing seems to work. also will this damage my pcs components if i keep using the new card?

any help would be much appreciated! :D

system specs:

Advent Centurion PC
580W XPower Light ATX PSU
64 Bit Windows 7 Home
Sapphire HD5770 1GB GDDR5
CPU Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 (2.5GHz)
Memory 6GB DDR2 800MHz (4 memory slots. Max 8GB)
Motherboard Foxconn P43AL
Chipset P43 + ICH10
Hard Drive 1TB SATA
Sound Card Realtek ALC888S High Definition Audio
Network Realtek RTL8111B Gigabit LAN
802.11 b/g WLAN
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  1. I have H5770 in Gigabyte card and also 'crazy' problems, i also were thinking to return the buggy product back but it turned to be a problem of Visual C++ scripting in the Catalyst 10.9 for Vista 64, also an update from Microsfot for Visual C++ came from windows update for it. I did down load the Catalyst 10.10 and the driver 10.10 separately is better and the all the problems stopped!

    I assume Ati has alote of road to cover to reach Nvidias nice working drivers, i also assume you put the power cable to your card couse it need it from what i've seen your motherboard dosen't have an extra power cable connecor for a powerfull graphics card (mine had) so you also make sure that the Atx_12v_2x power connector for your CPU is connected (is near to your cpu).

    Then go to:


    down load the new driver,catalyst center (10.10) and give it another try it worths, nice results in betchmarks, low watts, temperatures for CF if you need it in feature.
  2. i'll give it a try i got 10.9 drivers installed, didnt even know there was a 10.10 driver. i have got my power connector connected, it is a 4 pin molex to 6 pin pci express adapter from my psu which it is connected with, this also came with my new psu. ill post back if the problem has been solved. thanks for the update Giatrakis :sol:
  3. i am not so happy to say that this has not solved my problem, i think this graphics card is faulty or it could be my psu :(
  4. Did you tryed to overclock? Your 580 watts PSU has enough power to support at list 2d working. Catalyst 10.10 is running my Gigabyte HD5770 1Gb the GPU in 157 Mhz 300Mhz DDR5 with the default settings 850 Mhz, 1200 Mhz DDR5 and is rising the Gpu and the memory clock speed only to 3D graphics i also discover the ATI Tray tools are not compatible with the Chip they can creat HUGE problems if you overclock the memory of the card!

    I overclockd the GPU by setting the catalyst to 895 Mhz and is running the HD5770 in 400 Mhz 1200Mhz DDR5 (i didn't change the memory clock speed this is cosing the huge problems) in idle mode is adding +18 watts to the power consumption.

    You can See my Power Panel in here:


    To bad so far i feel i'm only one managed to make the bloody Chip to work, i was hoppying you will make it and to send you 3dPassMark so we were enable to run some tests together in diffrent combos.
  5. the card does actually work all it is that i have to wait for few minutes after reaching the desktop for the display to connect like i said in the first post, crazy flicker then black screen then it reappears and i have been playing dead rising 2 since i got the card for long periods of time and it has never flickered once or gone to black screen and i have also never overclocked my card cause ive heard it can reduce the lifespan of the cooling fan and also may damage components inside the card! so ive been too scared to go anywhere near that. :o
  6. im a bit of a noob so i havnt a clue what all that power stuff means or what i should configure my card at.
  7. In me the Black screen also apears only if i change the memory speed and run a video, personaly i don't wait i do a cold reset and change the seetings back maybe in your windows at the loggon a video is running? it's a possibility. I always go to the catalyst video settings to see if the modification i made will survive!!? Something like a CRASH test.

    But i also wrote to you i have 650 watts PSU, also the Power cable to the CPU connected and my motherboard ga-p35-Dq6 (thanks to GIGABYTE for that) also has en extra 12 volts connector near to the main power of the motherboard for some powerfull graphic cards i also have this connected.

    I had Nvidia before and many problems at start (they fixed everthing) but no so HUGE mistakes i mean ati has alote of road to cover to reach Nvidias safety i never seen so HUGE mistakes before.

    Everyday i go to ATI's site and i see if they fix any update i mean they must i keep on discoverying the one bugg after another.
  8. so are you trying to say there are two power connectors connected to your graphics card, like i said before i have one cable comes straight from my PSU to the graphics card by a 4 pin molex to 6 pin pci express connector.
  9. There is only 1 power connector to my graphics card as the most graphics cards has only one.

    I'm telling you in MY motheroard has 2 power connectors connectors 1 for the CPU and one extra for the cards. I've seen your motherboard and it has also one POWER connector for the CPU do you using it? you must.
  10. yes it is connected
  11. Then is nothing else you or we can do about it your psu is having enough power to support many overclock attempts i'm lucky that Gigabyte Motherboard had the extra connector and i personaly thank them every day.

    This is Why i stayed to Gigabyte and i will keep on them i will also stay to their card HD5770 is a fine Chip and i hope ATI will fix all the problems as Nvidia did as i toled you i'm looking to their web page everyday for an update my card is also Gigabyte =;-)
  12. ok, i hope ATI notice this bug and fix it cause i really like this new card, it has great gaming perfomance. thanks for trying to help ;)
  13. Yes i did fix this for you to see it this my motherboard connectors:

    Without them it wasn't possible to do the overclocking that i did in so low volts Gigabyte was 1 step forward from the others years back i hope they will keep on that directorion and in feature.
  14. Try to connect to your Card a 2 molex to PCI-E it looks like this:

  15. i dont have one of those connectors and im not buying one, this graphics card has been a pain since from about a week after i installed it. i have now removed the card because the flicker/blackscreen has now infected my gameing aswell! never buying an ATI product again, going to send it back and switch to a more expensive and reliable nvidia card :fou:
  16. I also had that in mind for alote of time not anymore.

    But i also do research on how and why. It seems to some motherboards there are enough Solid capacitors to fully charge fast , your motherboard seemed to had less this is why on start may need some time to fully charge them. Having a good PSU like yours does not guarantee the power will finaly get in the place need it. My motherboard had the Extra power connector for the PCI-E yours didn't i assume the same problem you will have and with any card that needs power on fast.

    AT list with Nvidia you will have stable drivers for sure but the molex i've post you? Gigabyte HD5770 had it in the box you gonna need it. Anyway 10nx for sharing

    This is HD5770 running in 950MHz, 1350Mhz DDR5 in full speed 99% power consumption only 81 watts, 58 C.

    Full view 1280x1024 in: http://admins.bnb.gr/~giatrakis/HD5770.jpg

    Sure Ati and Gigabyte did a nice job is an excellent choice.
  17. in the box my card came with a single molex to 6 pin pci connector the exact same as the one that came with my PSU and if what you are saying is correct how can a extra molex connection help carge my motherboard? guess im stuck with my very low class 230GT!
  18. What do you mean ? Sapphire pakage had only 1 molex to PCI-E the 5770? They must be out of their minds!!! Gigabyte HD5770 box it had the 2 molex to PCI adaptor, i don't use it couse my PSU had a free ATX 12 vlosts x 2 connector i mean your CARD need two 12 volts connections this is how is desinged.

    If the card needs more power it gonna drow it from the PCI-E and the capasitors may drowned out this is why you have the problems RUN and find a 2 molex to PCI-E connector you have no choise.

    Before you buy next time see if they have everything in the package
  19. looked around a bit on internet, ive heard single 4pin molex to pci e are not good and 2 molex ones provide a steady power source to card, gonna have to buy one then try again maybe this is the problem hope it works!
  20. Yes to bad i'm from Greece and if you give me address to send you the 2 molex to PCIE i have from gigabyte pakage it may take many days.

    Once you find one it will run wiht no problems your PSU has enough power to support the overclock you can see it in my full view link.
  21. made one myself out of the two single molex to 6 pin, very simple and my flicker/blackscreen has now gone, damn sapphire could of saved me a lot of trouble if they just give me the right connector :fou:. thanks for the advice
  22. You wellcome set your speed to the numbers i gave and you have a card dosen't need to Crossfired that was it. Next time becarefull what is in the box before you buy.
    In here you gonna see and the hard crash test in furmark 1.8:


    With the 2 molex to pcie you will pass it with no problem.
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