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Not sure where but CPU/FAN issue o.O;

So I have the CM Hyper 520 and a i7-960 in ASUS Sabertooth x58. Atm running idle playing movies, downloading, playing music, doing small conversion to mp3 player(portable) runs fine and stable.
My problem is the 4screw pin thing on fan doesn't lock like it wasnt flat all the way so used pliers to hold it well screwing it in, not to far where it'd crack board.
But playing games it over heats I think crashing my system.have even tried stock fan, non overclocked. 5th pc build nvr had this issue
Temp idle: 42C using stock fan atm.
not sure what to do, bring back stability BFBC2 oldsetup ran it just fine, new setup i feel im missing something

Arctic Silver Ceramique Thermal Compound
MOBO:Asus TUF Sabertooth x58 1366LGA
CPU: I7-960 not overclocked
RAM; Mushkin Enhanced 3x2GB (radioactive) XMP enabled DDR3 1600
HDD:74GB V.Raptor
GPU: Zotac 240 amp ed.
OS: win7

OLD setup
CPU; DC Conroe Intel 2.66 stock speed
MOBO: gigabyte N650sli
GPU: zotac 240 amp
RAM: Kingston HyperX DDR2 800
HDD: WD V-raptor
OS winxp
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    Hello, and welcome to THG.

    Seems you need to reseat your Heatsink. Remove the current heatsink and clean the CPU form thermal paste. Apply an new layer of thermal paste and put the heatsink on FLAT. Try to use a screwdriver to push gently,( but firmly) into the holes. Do this in a cross-like pattern. When the screws feel tight, stop and gently tug at the HS. If it feels loose, try again o screw them in, if are cleared.
  2. Well I had it seated figured I'd just buy a new Fan/Heatsink and worked out really well. Gave up with other fan since 4 screw was defective keeping fan for AMD build since i have a AMD bracket for it. Thou advice did help with new fan. Ty
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