I7 2600K or i5 2500K for gaming?

i7 + P8P67 Pro + 4GB G. Skill 1600 + Spinpoint F3


i5 + P8P67 Pro + 4GB G.Skill 1600 + Spinpoint F3 + 120GB Vertex 2 SSD or Corsair H50

i will be doing medium intensiveness photo/video editing and 3D modeling. but mostly gaming. i will play very CPU intensive games though, like: FSX, BC2, GTA etc. at 5760x3240 at some time in the future (i'm using 1080p now)

does having an SSD make a difference for gaming over SP F3? not to mention that i can only hold a few of my games (my favorites are all 15GB+). i could care less about boot up speeds. its mainly the read speed that i need to worry about. i've seen a video of a guy loading Crysis first level in 3 seconds using an F1, and that was plenty plenty fast for me.

I will probably end up buying a larger capacity SSD (like 500GB +) in a couple years when they become much cheaper. it all just depends on the need for it now.

i know that both chips will be junk in 5-7 years, but will i7 have a longer life than i5 due to HT? looking back at the first gen pentiums in the early 2000s, i know that a pentium with no HT is far less useful than a pentium with HT. will this likely hold true with the i7 2600K?

the other thing is, if i chose the i7 and then decide i want an SSD at some point, i can just wait... theres no rush for that as the price will only get cheaper. if i buy i5 and i decide i want to upgrade later, i will have to sell the i5 and buy a new i7, causing $150+ net losses. also, if i buy a 120GB SSD now for $150 and then a year later i see 250GB ones for $100 i will be really upset with myself. theres no turning back if i go i5. but if i go i7, i will always be able to wait and keep adding stuff instead of replacing it.

and i know it sounds stupid but,

the name "i7" really means a lot to me too because a lot of my family members have mobile/desktop i5's and it makes me feel special to have that little "Intel Core i7" badge on the front of my case and to have the most powerful PC in the house.

i can get i5 2500K for $180. i7 2600K for $280

i have already bought my PSU (XFX 750W) and my GFX card (GTX 560 Ti OC'd to GTX 570 SC levels @1200Mhz with TF2 cooling)

BQ: what are the chances that intel will release an i7 6-core chip (2700K?). how long before LGA 2011 (i can't wait that long)
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  1. My vote goes to the second combo. Because in gaming,you won't see a noticeable difference between 2600k and 2500k(They pretty much offer the same performance in other tasks too because 2600k is only 100MHz faster than 2500k and it's not worth for $100 more IMO)
  2. $100 is either a lot or not too much to pay for bragging rights. But remember, that will last just until someone in your house upgrades.

    For your primary purpose - gaming, get the 2500K.
  3. The 2600K would probably speed up your 3D modelling depending on your software, but as above, not worth the extra on what is primarily a gaming rig.
  4. mi1ez said:
    The 2600K would probably speed up your 3D modelling depending on your software, but as above, not worth the extra on what is primarily a gaming rig.

    i'm going to be using 3DS Max
  5. for gaming i5 2500k is enough but using 3dmax as modeling and rendering you should consider i7 2600k as its ways faster in 3d rendering.
    go for i7, its good to own an i7. i own i7 950 and maximizes it, has 24gb ram and a 6gb/s hardisk and a evga gtx 560 and it performs better than those resulted benchmarks.
  6. Just a comment on "6gb/s Harddisk".

    If your refering to a sata 6 mechanical HDD, it is no faster than a good HDD on SATA II. Sata 6 HDDs is more a marketing ploy - "Hey I've got the lastest greatest specs", No mind that a HDD can not bottleneck sata II. For what it is worth I also have a Sata 6 HDD (WD Black) the only performance benifit is is Burst speed. Sata 6 is for Sata 6 SSD.

    My vote - 2500k and OC it.
  7. Well if you can afford the 2600k without compromising on any other component then surely get it.. IMO, 100$ spent extra will be worth more compared to spending so much on a SSD.. HT can be a beneficial feature for 3DS Max and other CPU intensive programs.. I do agree that it is useless for gaming though..
  8. Based on the following Anandtech review, the difference in gaming performance between the 2500K and 2600K is relatively small.


    Fallout 3 shows the biggest increase in performance of about 6%-7%. All other games only get's between a 1% - 3% increase with the 2600K.

    The Civ 5 "No Render Score" benchmark gets the biggest boost of 13%, but I don't know exactly what is meant by "No Render".

    If spending the extra $100 makes you "feel special", then go ahead and do it. I won't stop you 'cause I don't care.
  9. 2500k if you're not gonna keep the cpu for for more than 3 years
  10. I bought the 2500k + P8P67 deluxe with an OCZ V2 120GB SSD and an XSPC rasa 750 RS240... With this setup I've saved money on the i7 I didn't buy which I can spend LATER on an i7 EE... The difference between i5/i7 standard SB models isn't noticeable unless you're actually utilizing the WHOLE 8 cores; and when are you going to do that?
  11. 2400 fully enough for gaming
  12. IF you have the money,I would say you better get the i7.Yes i know it is 100usd more expensive but it is a longer lasting upgrade.Not so long with the rapid improvement of technology but i think it can keep you busy for more longer.
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