Can't use keyboard to go into safe mode?

I have a Saitek Eclipse 3 keyboard and Windows 7. My keyboard works fine upon initial start up (can access bios mode, etc) but if I had an improper shut down and when it takes me to the screen that says "you had an improper shut down, please pick an option blah blah: start in safe mode, safe mode with networking or regular start up. In 30 seconds we will start whether or not you want us to" I can't use the keyboard. My mouse and keyboard's backlights go out and they won't respond, they boot back up and work fine after the 30 seconds is up and Windows begins to load, however. How can I fix this so that I can use the keyboard doing that selection screen?
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    Remove the CMOS battery on the mobo for a few seconds and put it back.
  2. But won't that mess with my other settings in the bios and stuff some how?
  3. Won't I have to reoverclock my computer?
  4. Yes, but the OC might be the cause of your problems.
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