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I have done my fair share of research on computer building and such. Got the computer built and the OS installed. I am no it professional and am not sure if computer is starting properly. When I hit the power button on my antec 902 case the fans light and start to spin then stops after a second or so. But after like 3 seconds the fans begin to spin again and every thing boots up so far as to the computer seems to be functioning fine. Everything is recognized and have been on internet etc.

So how the fans start then stop then start again and everything boots up is weird. But one thing I did notice is the RAM light on motherboard turns on but turns back off eventualy. The RAM is not on the qualified motherboard RAM list thing but when going into control panel it sees the 4gigs of RAM. Is this something to be woried about. My motherboard (p7p55-e lx) has memok... whatever that does. To I have to press that button or something.

Long story short is this something to be worried about. If not then good. Christmas is here and I don't have much time to fuss with computer stuff. But I do need to use it.

PS. I don't have any system check software to test system like the temperatures. Do you recommend anything. Also I don't feel safe messing around in BIOS. There's a cd that camecwith motherboard. I don't know what its for. And everything seems fine without it. Is here a program to make sure everything has the latest drivers.

PLEASE SOMEONE ACTUALLY READ THIS LONG POST. Lol. Just wanted to get it out there. Thanks for the help in advance
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  1. Does your computer have fan controllers in it? (Switches to change fan speeds)

    Or perhaps your powersupply isn't large enough to handle the initial startup of all components at once.
  2. If the PSU was unplugged or manually shut off, it will do what you described at boot up. It shouldn't do that the next time you start it up (if you don't unplug or turn off the PSU). It happens all the time when I work on my build. I think it's because the capacitors drain, and they need to recharge first.

    The CD that came with you motherboard contains all the drivers for the chips on it (onboard sound, video, LAN, etc.). Windows installs generic drivers for the chipsets it can identify, but if you want sound to run off of the motherboard or whatnot, you'll need to install them from the disk. The only thing I would do in BIOS is make sure that your RAM is running at it's rated speed.
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