Gtx 260 or ... ?

I am able to get a PNY Gtx 260 for $65 bucks. It is used but taken care of properly and not used often.

Iniitially I was looking at the Radeon 5770 for awhile and can get that for $150 or so.

I do not game hardcore mainly Starcraft 2, WoW and maybe a few games I havent been able to play cause of my GT 9500.

Although I really didnt have much of a problem with the 9500 GT it let me play comfortable at medium settings I want to upgrade now.

I have a AMD x4 3.2 GHZ .. 4g Ram 64bit Win7

Im trying to convince myself that the GTX 260 is the obvious choice right now instead of almost $100 more for the 5770.
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  1. Is DX11 and Eyefinity worth $100 to you?
  2. Eyefinity is a no. I would imagine DX11 would be but not until Diablo 3 comes out.
  3. I guess that should answer your question then, a cheap card that will tide you over or an expensive card that is in the process of being superseded.
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