Dvd drive dead?

hi guys,

in the middle of my new build this evening but my DVD drive is not responding. I have it hooked up to a known working molex, however, it is not responding to open/eject button. It was just working today in my previous rig. Is it dead? It is over 5 years old though....I just wouldnt expect it to be so sensitive. Thanks for the time!
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  1. Move it over to the previous rig and see if it works over there. Is its data cable connected firmly? If its not making proper contact it may behave weirdly, it should work fine as long as the data cable is all the way in or totally out. Also, try popping it open with a paper clip and see if that gets it working again, something may have slipped off and just needs the tray opened to get back into alignment.
  2. my bios recognizes it ...if that means anything.

    oh and I using the previous chassis so i cant test it...
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    perhaps merely the open/eject button is broken....can you try "eject" within my comp, right click, select eject?

    In any event, a DVD is about $25-30 these days?
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