Is this deal worth it?

Ok so I was going to get the HAF 922 for $135 AUD, but then I noticed as sale for the CM Storm Sniper AMD Dragon Edition for $199 AUD, so about 50 dollars
I was just wondering (I am new to building computers etc.) if you guys think that this is worth it and what are the benefits of grabbing the more expensive case? I don't care for that "StormGuard" technology as I don't plan to bring my computer out of my house or anything, so other than that is there any major benefits?
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  1. If the 922 fits your needs, buy it.

    The extra $50 mostly buys you extra bling.
  2. Yeah, I don't really care too much for extra bling, my only hesitation with buying it is that the $50 bucks gets me fan controls, are fan controls useful or not overly?
  3. You can get a fan controller for much less than $50 that is very high quality.
  4. TRUE!
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