1600 DDR3 in a 1333 max mobo

Hey guys,
I'm looking to buy some parts for a computer me and a friend are going to build, and I wanted to know if there would be any potential problems with putting 1600 DDR3 memory into a 1333 max mobo.
(With all the Black Friday deals going around, it would actually be a lot cheaper to buy the 1600 vs 1333 RAM...plus if it would save me money in the long run if I were to upgrade my mobo later)

I'm not totally computer savvy, so I'm definitely not looking to overclock or anything like that. I would be perfectly happy if the 1600 ran at 1333 since there is not much of a performance difference.

But I just wanted to know if there would be any chance of error due to the incompatibility? And would the computer automatically run the RAM at a lower speed, or would I have to manually change settings?

Thanks a ton everybody.

For reference, here are the specific items I am looking at:


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  1. I have used both of those products. I believe the biostar will detect the ram at the proper speed, but if it doesn't, it only takes a minute to change the speed in manual mode.
  2. 1600mhz memory normally runs at 1333mhz by default. You have to manually set the settings to make it run at 1600mhz, or if the BIOS is equipped, you have to use the XMS settings that will automatically clock it to that speed. I will say this again, memory is sold at the fastest rated speed it is guaranteed to work at, the motherboard and CPU combination determine the default speed that memory will actually work at, and on most modern systems, without overclocking, that is 1066/1333mhz.
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