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Hey dudes.....

I play VGAP about 1 game every 3 years........and its been 3 years.

I may not play it much but I usually do well and know my
stuff...........minus whatever I forgot over 3 years (g).

Are there any "startrek" only games out there? Im sure im not the first to
think of this but the "weaker" races are actually quite ballanced if they
fight only each other....and strangely they are almost all startrek torpedo
races. Why not have them in a universe by themselves, tweak the really weak
ones, and have a war?


Romulan Empire - maybe up the ground defence to 2-5?
Klingon Empire - maybe get that Saber to cause 2 minehits instead of 1 with
":pop" and "trg" or just boost the mining to 150%. They mined their
homeworld until it blewup, God knows why they should have 100% normal mining
Crystals- perhaps 150% taxes

"Maybe" races:

Privateer - perhaps not bother- they'd be butchered
Borg- perhaps- but cut the biocide out of their shiplist, and perhaps
assimilation rate to 50% (or reduce planets to 250 or so to reflect the 50
less races- empty space = big advantage for borg probes)

not used races:

Evil Empire

Just some ideas from an old VGAP player whose been outa the loop for a few


Frame of reference / setting:
Standard VGAP 3.* (newest update)
no addons
~ default settings
far homeworlds in a circle
normal minerals/money
lots of people on homeoworld if borg are playing, normal if they are not.
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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    Yep, I have one running, and another one getting ready to start:

    Look at the main page, and find the HELP link, and look under Star Trek
    Game... you can find the section of the website devoted to the settings,
    etc. of this special game.

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