After Christmas gaming rig.

Hey everyone !

Decided to switch from laptops to desktops and going right into building my own, so after finding a ton of useful info here, thought I'd sign up and see what people with more experience think about what I've come up with so far.

The budget is approximately £600 (British pounds) for rig itself and £800 for complete desktop.
Main uses - gaming (priority) , browsing, a lot of word processing.

I'm currently looking at having most components from but also checking other main UK websites for better deals.

So here it goes:

CPU: MD Phenom II X6 1055T (95W Edition) 2.80GHz OEM (considering OCing it, so went for slightly more expensive 95w option). £145

MoBo: Asus M4A87TD/USB3 AMD 870 (Socket AM3) DDR3 PCI-Express Motherboard. £69

RAM: G.Skill RipJaw 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 PC3-10666C9 1333MHz Dual Channel. £65

PSU: Antec TruePower New Series 650W Modular Power Supply. £62

GPU: Palit GeForce GTX 460 Sonic 1024MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card. £135

CD/DVD: Sony Optical DVD Writer, AD-7260S-0B, SATA, Black, OEM. £14,+AD-7260S-0B,+SATA,+Black,+OEM+?productId=40871

Storage: 1TB Western Digital WD10EARS Caviar Green 3.5" SATA II Hard Drive

This gets me to 543 pounds with delivery, while I am still to pick a case. After getting windows (£70 oem) and monitor (100-150) and sorting peripherals I should be just about on budget.

At this point I'd appreciate any opinion, but I am still undecided on this particular RAM and obviously case and monitor so any suggestions regarding those would be particularly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Since this is after Christmas, might I suggest waiting? I mean SB seems promising, and should prices transfer over to Britain. So the i5 2400S being the 200$ US pricing.

    Anyway Build-wise, I critique your HDD choice. The Samsung F3 1TB is cheaper by around 1 pound, it also is faster and has a larger platter size.

    Another thing, from what I see the i5 760 is cheaper than the 1055T. The 760 is also a better performing CPU in most cases. Their are some cases where it does lose, but not buy alot. The 760 also get better FPS than the 1055T even though games are mostly GPU.

    Anyways, the 760 argument ties to the SB thing, the 2400S is priced at 200$ US (Malaysian pricing) and that performs at an i7 880. Which out preforms and AMD chip now by a bit. Soo I think British pounds the 2400S will be 140 pounds.

    Heres the pricing:

    Heres the performance:
  2. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    Instead of Caviar green,go with Caviar black(32MB cache) or Samsung F3 series.
    Other specs look good.
  3. Hey - thank for a quick response

    I would be more than willing to adjust HDD - there is plenty of OEM ones all over the place so shouldn't be too much of a pricing issue.


    thanks a lot for a comprehensive reply.
    I should have mentioned that I am ok waiting for a couple of weeks.
    I am aware SB is available shortly but somehow I thought that I won't be able to get anything decent for under 200 quid if it came to intel.
    The AMD chip I linked is also 95w and I heard can be OCed to up to 4Ghz and I was rather impressed considering its hexcore, but I heard SB will OC very well too so ...
    I guess I should definately look into SB a bit more before I make my mind up but this is exactly why I'm starting to sort this couple of weeks in advance

    Would there be much of an impact on motherboard pricing if I was to switch to SB

    Thanks again.
  4. Well perhaps... pricing may be meh meh... If you catch my drift. It all depends if Intel keeps to the current pricing. So far. They have according to Malaysia. As for OCing, yes Intel SB is probably going to be one of the kings of OCing. According to Intel, at the Intel products convention (Kind of like CES if you've heard of CES), a certain SB (they didn't say which) could OC to 4.9ghz on air. While the i5 760 also honors OCing to 4ghz easily as well like the 1055T you linked.

    As for motherboard pricing I nicked on it a bit above. It all depends. If all goes according to plan, the pricing should be the same. Their already been a leak for some SB mobos, most from Asus and Gigabyte. They didn't say the pricing though. Another Mobo that's probably going to be cheap is this mobo. Newegg might have accidentally leaked it, (Newegg is a wholesale electronics retailer in the US).

    Pricing should be the same soo... We'll just wait and see.
  5. Yeah I have heard :)
    The thing with pricing is that main reason I'm shopping for this now is because I got burgled recently so this isn't a case of someone saving for a rig and then getting, rather me getting best I can afford on the student loan without waiting long and that AMD hex sure isn't bad value.

    4.9 on air is insane ... but as great as that is knowing what CPU it was would make it either more or less impressive !

    Yeah I'm talking to a few friends now and the consensus seems to be that I've made a plan for decent rig for money I have but it might be worth waiting a bit - not that long now anyway.

    Thanks for another comprehensive response !
  6. Well after christmas, only like 15 days till SB comes out. 9 days after New Year I believe. Merry Christmas Eve? Err.... Happy Christmas Eve?
  7. Yeah I've just been researching SB release info now. It certainly looks like it would be wise to wait and see at least to stay on the safe side.
    Thanks man - you too :P Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)
  8. Under 600 quid and gaming i'd hit a crossfire capable config based off one HD 6850 1st hehe

    571 quid off

    HD6K Barts: single/CF review
  9. hey batuchka !
    Thanks for the suggestions first of all.
    Your GPU suggestion is certainly a good option for just 5 pounds more - there is a platinum OC version of mine aswell (and both of them can be pushed further with afterburner) but you really made another option for me.

    why do you opt for kingston ram instead ? ram is one of the key things i still havent decided yet.

    your cpu is also certainly an option price wise - abit cheaper than mine but I'm one of the people who prefer skipping a trip to the pub but getting a better quality product :P I will definitely remember it just in case (hex 95w just seems very nice and it oc's more than those quads aswell)

    could u also clarify your choice of mobo if u have a spare minute ?

    thanks for the reply and kudos - great rig option which keps me under budget !
  10. I'm not sure the hex OCs more then the quad. Same arch, should OC to the same(ish) limits. If anything the quad has fewer work units, so it should OC farther due to less heat. Everything else looks good, I like the second build/butuchka.
  11. 4745454b
    Hey, thank you for the input.
    I've had a look around and amd black series quads seem to oc by 0.2-0.4 ghz each (Please do correct me if im wrong) and they are 125w as well, while as I said above I definitely saw 3.8ghz oced version of that hexcore and found people who claimed to oc it to 4ghz which is ... well quite a bit. Considering the advise I got above however I will most likely wait and see what the prices for SB are going to be.
    If I choose to wait for SB I might as well not rush with graphics then because as far as I know 560s are gonna be out beginning of the year too
  12. Well if u mainly game no render/encode a 955BE will serve u well enuff . Reason for Kingston is due to personal system building for peeps: where i'm at Kingston and Team are about the most trouble free/stable RAM there is hehe That 880G Asrock is actually tri-fire capable, but 8/8 via 2 GPUs would be fine Yep u are welcomed ^^
  13. Oh yeah, that they are. The 560s I believe are coming out on January.... 16th? If you plan to get any Nvidia card and put them in SLI. The AMD route is the wrong choice. AMD is great, but AMD+Nvidia on a build just don't mix. Nvidia chipsets for AMD boards suck, and AMD boards just don't like Nvidia cards. Your better off with Intel if you plan to SLI. Just keep that in mind.
  14. ok batuchka - very clear and with the reading im doing im leaning more and more towards giving up on the hex core mainly bcz of questionable benefit for the price difference.

    thanks again and merry crimbo/happy NY
  15. ah that's a nice little thing to remember, thank you aznshinobi I'll keep that in mind.
  16. Quote:
    and AMD boards just don't like Nvidia cards.

    Any proof? I've never seen any benchmarks showing this to be the case.

    Should he overclock, he'd be better off with AMD. Nvidia chipsets just aren't very great for AMD CPUS. It's something I've been accustomed to hearing. Also, I think I've heard that SLI w/ AMD is a bad idea, but that's only some mutter around the forum.
  18. That's not proof. That shows an Nvidia chipset not OCing as far as an AMD one, by .1GHz. I was looking for proof that Nvidia GPUs in AMD boards don't perform as well. Its something I hear on the forums, but I've never seen any proof.
  19. Molotov88 said:
    ok batuchka - very clear and with the reading im doing im leaning more and more towards giving up on the hex core mainly bcz of questionable benefit for the price difference.

    thanks again and merry crimbo/happy NY

    Yep cheap Quad BE and low priced crossfire capable platform with HD 6850 gives very bang for buck gaming config and merry x'mas to u too :D
  20. well not a lot of things need hex cores now a days. I mean you'll notice benefits but in real world apps like virus scanning and gaming its not like the performance difference is noticeable. Its not like night and day performance. The 955 actually is a great CPU. Got it OC'd to 3.6 on stock voltages and runs all my wants fine. The only area you'll notice slouching is in games like napoleon total war. Its not huge, but you'll notice it.

    However I still think waiting for SB is worth a shot, maybe amd will counter with cheaper quads like lowering the 955's price.
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