Suggest a psu for single 560ti and 560ti SLI

hello friends
plzz suggest a psu for

1)single gtx 560ti
2)gtx 560 SLI (two way)

suggest from this page plzzz
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  1. Hi.

    1- Antec EA-650
    2- Antec TP-750
    3- Thermaltake Toughpowerxt 775w
    4- Thermaltake Toughpowerxt 875w
  2. please tell psu suggestion by making heading like

    gtx 560ti _________ model

    gtx560ti SLI ___________ model
  3. single GTX 560 - ANTEC EA500 500WATTS CONTINUES POWER

  4. Or Antec TP-750 for both, if you buy the EA500 or EA650 and want add another GPU in future, you will have to change the PSU.
  5. ok whats the major difference btw ANTEC TP 750w and ANTEC TPQ 850w
    which will give better future proofing . or both r good for future
  6. Which processor are you using..? I don't think even a dual 560 setup will require anymore than a quality 650W PSU.. 750W is just extra assurance..
  7. im using core 2 due e8400 3ghz but i need future proofing because i will be changing my processor in 6-8 months and will get core i7
  8. corsair tx850 is cheap and is known for its quality and performance should i go for that
  9. ok malmental . it has SINGLE RAIL should i worry abt that or this is solid enough to handle load at single rail.
  10. im in Pakistan and there is limited options available u can choose psu from following link only
  11. Corsair does exercise single rail on most of their PSU's (if not all).. I don't see how is that a bad thing..!! For me, it does not matter if it is a single or multiple rail unit.. The damn thing just needs to be efficient, deliver the advertised power with good regulation and be silent as much as possible.. The TX 850 checks all those boxes and thus is very much recommended..
  12. have u check the link which i have provided is corsair tx850 best option among all present in the link also my budget is like rs13000
  13. i think CP model require some special casing .i have cooler master 690
  14. You can get the Antec True Power Blue 750W listed in that link.. Its an excellent option.. And its also a modular PSU unlike the TX 850 which is non modular..
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