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I was dual booting XP and 7, and after I reformatted my XP partition I no longer get to choose which os during booting. It automatically boots XP. How do get back the screen that lets me choose between XP and 7?
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  1. Sounds like you've overwritten the Windows 7 boot loader. Boot from the Windows 7 DVD and choose the "Repair" option.

    Here's a link giving more details.
  2. Switching my Windows 7 Boot Disk from D to C with BCDBoot rather than BCDEdit
  3. I repaired using the Win 7 DVD but now it only boots into Windows 7. How do I get it to show both?
  4. Progress! The easiest thing to do now is to install EasyBCD which will let you add the XP installation. (I'd have a fortune if I got commission for recommending that program - don't worry, it's free.)
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