New Build - Concerned about Overheating

I'm looking to replace my current computer, which I assembled myself using components from newegg, with something a bit faster.

My current computer has a problem with overheating. It only gets bad in the summer. I don't have central air, so the air going into the computer may have a temperature of 85F, which I guess is too hot. Poor airflow within the case also contributes to the problem.

Anyway... I would like to pay a little more attention this time around to finding a good heat solution.

I think it would be a good idea to get a case which displays CPU and GPU temperatures, and also the case temperature if possible. I assume the temperature information is communicated to the motherboard via the CPU and GPU... if that's correct, do I need a specific kind of motherboard which can receive this information, and then communicate the information to the case? Can anyone recommend a good motherboard/case combination?

Finally... would you recommend I look into liquid cooling? I have seen liquid cooling referred to as "risky", presumably due to the possibility the coolant will leak.

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  1. many mb manufacturers have Windows utilities to allow monitoring of cpu/mainboard temps, fan speeds, etc, mostly the same as if you were in the BIOS in the "PC Health" section...

    WIth 85F ambients, I'd recommend removing the case's one side....

    A little dust to blow out every few months, and perhaps 2 db more noise from exposed fans, but, you dont have to worry about 120F ambient temps inside the case building up...
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    If your building new I would buy newer case. I like the CM HAF series, or 690 II, or cheaper is Antec 300 for good air flow. HAF's run 60 - 200$$ and all are good. 690 II is 80ish and 300 is 60.00. If you like the antec 300the Illusion case comes with dual 120 intake fans that are filtered, a rear 120MM exaust and a top 140MM exaust and all are blue LED.
    Also, water cooling has come a long way and there are many self contained low maintenance units available now.
    Finally, there are several fan controllers that go into a 5.25" bay. Many have the ability to control 4,5 or 6 fans and have multiple temp probes so the controller displays the temps and speeds of the fans. NZXT and others make nice units that are multi color LCD units. I have read good things about several but have never used one. There are also programs that monitor temps, like Speed Fan.
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