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How does the vapor-x work

How does the vapor-x work. I understand that it use water that boil and get into vapor then it gets cold by the cooler on the top and goes back down in a circle
Like on this image.

Butthe thing is ,our graphic cards are faced downward.right ? So if the heat source is on the top where will the vapor goes ?downward ?
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  1. They explain it in the article instead of regular open chambers they are using Wicks "Actually, the coolant is water – but because the chamber is evacuated to a very low pressure, the vaporisation process occurs at a much lower temperature than normal boiling point. The complex wick arrangement inside the module controls the flow of water and water vapour so that the system can be used in any orientation."
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    As rolli said, the critical thing you are forgetting is the wick or groove system. As the water changes to vapor, liquid water is drawn in behind it and pushed it toward the fins, where it condenses, goes down the wicks, etc.
  3. Here is a great explanation (with pictures!):
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