Are asus boards that bad? or else!


I am using Asus boards from a while but I never had any problems with their boards except over heating. But i read lot of threads some people are having lot of problems with these boards. Are these boards that bad?

As u know no board is perfect every board has its unique pros and cons. But lot of people complaining only on asus.I wonder why? These are best overclockers(a little expensive though).

My point is share why Asus is problematic ? let discus it.

share u r experiences with u r boards of different brands and different models.

I had headache with Asrock boards. even z68 boards too. And which boards are causing headache to you.

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  1. Alot of problems are operator related and also due to default bios settings with asus. You have to know how to adjust the bios properly. And asus sells alot of boards. So it may have more posts about problems than some other brands.
  2. ASUS is one of the better OEMs. They all have their failure rates, but I cannot say that ASUS is better or worse than the other major mobo OEMs. I have used ASUS, ABIT, MSI, Biostar and ASRock and am currently using an ASRock mobo.

    The problem with the complaints is that you only hear about the failures and seldom hear about the good or average experiences. I don't think that you can point to any great problem with the ASUS brand,
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