New PC build/Upgrade of old

So i am planning to upgrade CPU/RAM/MOBO
i have an old s775 and want to replace it so heres what im getting and salvanging from old PC

CPU: i5 2500k
Mobo: Intel DP67BAB3 ( would like some feedback on this mobo and if it OCs well)
GPU:my old 3600HD series for now
PSU:Same one my current CPU needs 95W so does the i5 will it be able to handle it?
HDD:same as the one im using now

Feedback and what FPS should i expect in Wow/Starcraft/League of legends
Resolution 1280x1024
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  1. What is your current PSU ?
  2. No idea how many Watts :/ it is not written on it for some reason ;/
  3. I would consider getting a new one then, to be on the safe side..
  4. hmm but since CPU uses the same wattage does the mobo/ram need more power?
  5. If the mobo has more features, it's possible that it will use more power. It's just hard for me to recommend using an old PSU in a new build, considering how important a PSU is. It is the only component of your build that can take out all your other components if it fails.
  6. I see im pretty sure it can handle since my GPU needs like 95 W lol :P
  7. That's your call...I just expressed my opinion.
  8. bumpies
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