Phenom II x4 965 @ 4ghz?

Hey guys, so i just got this CPU last week.
I was having high temps with an aftermarket heatsint (v6 gt) so i reapplied thermal paste (artic silver 5) but i couldnt lower the stock temps by much at all (probably the case needs better fans, got a coolermaster Nvidia 334, and when i open the door the temps go down really quick)
Now i get this at stock
Idle :36-40ºc
Full load : 51-52ºc

Im testing the CPU at 4.0 ghz and 1.45V on the cpu (Tweaking with asus' TurboV software) with Prime (been running for about 1 hour) and im getting full load temps between 56ºc and 58ºc.
Is this too high?

Before anyone asks, its the 125 W version revision C3.

Thanks for your help! :D
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    I don't think any real world app will push your CPU as rigorously as prime does.. Thus, your everyday temps will definitely be lower.. Having said that, I think your temps are pretty ok for the amount of overclock you have applied.. Its not advisable to keep the case doors open so get yourself a better case ASAP..
  2. Idk if anyone has any imput on the Coolermaster Nvidia 334 then. Thats the case (I know i said it before).
    I dont think its bad.. maybe i need faster fans? It has 2x 1200 rpm fans and the cpu cooler is 2200 rpm, maybe the problem is that there isnt enough intake for the cooler?
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