GTX 260 and City of Heroes

im having a lot of trouble with these drivers and this game. i am wondering what is wrong, ive tried many different drivers for it, older ones, newest one and i still freeze. going into the base portal i freeze. going into change the graphix i freeze. i have to play in safe mode just to log in. i have reformated my computer and everything. i need help. pleeeeeease
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  1. sounds like you have some faulty components. I would investigate the memory and the hard drive first. Its possible you have a problem with the video card instead, but that would be more rare.
  2. As a former CoH player, you'd probably have better luck posting in the CoH Tech Issues forum. Be sure to post your DxDiag and HiJackThis logs (or whatever the current standard is for troubleshooting these days are).

    As for this forum, it might help if you posted the rest of your system specs.

    -Wolf sends
  3. how do i test my HDD and memory? never done it before
  4. I test them by replacing them with a new drive and new ram :) If it fixes the problem, they were the problem.

    Wolfshadw, I used to play it too. I forgot how buggy it was.
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