Power Supply - where to get longer PSU screws???


I purchased a Corsair AX1200 PSU and noticed the screws are very short. I included some sound dampening material inside the case along with a PSU silicone gasket and I'm pretty sure these screws are now going to be too short.

1. Does anybody know where can I purchase longer power supply screws?
2. Do you think it will be problematic if a screw sticks inside the PSU by even 1 mm?

I looked on the Internet, but couldn't find any place that sells longer power supply screws. Please help!

As always, thank you.

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  1. If US, Take one to Lowes or Home Depot. just match thread and Dia. Pick the lengh you want. An no, if a couple of mm longer than needed should not be a problem.
    Cost a buck 295 (really about $2.)
  2. Thank you Mr. RetiredChief!
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