Case fan problems on Storm Scout

Hi, I just built my first PC and everything is hooked up correctly except I can't figure out where to hook my case fans at. My mobo only supports one chassis fan, a pwr fan and a CPU fan. CPU fan is already hooked up but I'm guessing I have to plug my case fans into the PSU directly since I don't have enough chassis fan slots to support all 3(one top, rear and front). The case manual isn't very specific on my where to plug my case fans or what to do with them.

The thing that has me confused is my Case has 5 connections that appear to be for the fans and I only have 3 in my case. I'm guessing others are a possible connection for the LED lights? This is what they look like:



The problem is all of them have 2 metal pins and 2 empty holes inside them as you can see. I have no idea which PSU connection I'm suppose to use for these...the front fan connection has a yellow and black wire to it and another connection that has a red and black wire to it. Two of the connections(they looked linked together) have a red, two blacks in the middle and one yellow wire at the end. I'm guessing those are the case fan connections? Only two fans have Red LED. Which PSU connection am I suppose to use for these??? Don't want to plug the wrong PSU pins in and fry it. Sorry for the n00bish question and thanks for the help.

My Case:
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