I just installed a second MSI Cyclone GTX 460...overheating

I just installed a second GTX 460 in my Evga X58 758 sli mobo. I have an Antec 902 case. For testing all case fans are on high including the optional window fan. I am using an i7950 at stock speeds being cooled by a 212 plus.

All temps are fine except for the top GTX 460. When I run Furmark the top card hit mid 80s before I stopped it. I swapped the cards around and this time the top card, the new one, hit 90c and Furmark crashed.

I am running Furmark at full screen and 1600x1200 resolution.

Am I doing something wrong in Furmark? My case has plenty of airflow so I don't think that is the problem.
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  1. The max GPU temp for the GTX460 is 104°C http://www.nvidia.com/object/product-geforce-gtx-460-us.html Temps you see with Furmark you should not see in normal use.
  2. Are your fans running 100% ? There is no reason to run Furmark, without putting the fans to 100%. They load the cards in a synthetic way that no game code will usually do. I have a slot between two cyclones and can run Unigene Heaven looped or Crysis time demo's looped and the top cards maxes about 65c
  3. So does that mean what I am seeing is considered normal?
  4. What happens in gaming ? Getting near 90 is higher than gtx 460's usually run.
    Furmark is anything but normal though. Run Heaven for a 1/2 hour
  5. That would be my guess. Try it in a demanding game!
  6. I ran Heaven for about a half hour. I can't monitor temps while that is running so I checked them immediately after it closed. I had afterburner running in the back ground and had the fans set to 100%.

    The highest the top card hit was 70c. The bottom card hit 50c.
  7. Those temps are well within the operating parameters of the cards! The top card is sitting in the warm air from the bottom card which is creating the temp difference.
  8. I am just shocked by the difference of running two of these in SLI compared to one. With just one card installed temps stay in the 50's no matter how long I run Furmark. With both cards installed the top card hits low 90's! I know that is technically safe but I don't like it.

    I wonder if I should switch one card to the lower 8x PCI slot to give the top card some breathing room. Only the top two slots are 16x on the EVGA X58 758. I know dropping it down to 8x will hurt performance some but I imagine the top card would run much cooler. I did install the lower card in the 8x slot briefly but when I opened windows Nvidia control panel didn't give me an option for SLI. I assume I have to change the PCI to 8x in the bios for it to work. I was too tired at that point to play around with it. Hopefully I will have some free time tonight.
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