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System powers down randomly

I just received all new components and am having an issue. I purchased the following:
ASROCK 990FX Extreme3 mobo,
G-Skill Ripjaw X series DDR3 1600 Ram,
AMD Phenom II X6 1090T CPU,
Powercolor HD 6950 2Gb,
Thermaltake 750W PSU.

My hard drive is a SATA 2 Seagate Barracuda 500Gb 7200RPM drive.

I was able to install Win7 64Bit on the drive, but when I tried to install mobo drivers from the DVD the system powered down. I restarted and attempted again with the same result.

I had the Hard drive connected to SATA3-2 and the DVD to SATA3-4 at the time. I changed to put the drive to SATA3-1 and the DVD to SATA3-5 but still have the same results. Normally I would consider this a power issue, but with the PSU being new I am inclined to not consider this at this time.

Anyone have any suggestions on what might be causing this?
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  1. Try a different sata connector from the power supply to your dvd. Could be a bad wire in that connector that's shorting out when you power up.
  2. Tried a different power connector and a different SATA cable with no difference. Replaced Graphics card with older 5750 and thought I had it, but system shut down again. Does not appear to be directly related to access of the DVD as the system is shutting down now even in the middle of the boot process.

    Going to put my old 600W PSU in and see what happens just in case.
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    Then don't assume the power supply is good. Try another one. Some power supplies just don't work with specific motherboards. I would also remove the board from the case and check the backplate squareness and also check for loose wires, out of position case standoffs, or loose screws under the board that could cause shorts.
  4. Changing out the PSU allows the system to stay up and running. I guess I need an RMA on a PSU already :(

    Any suggestions on if I should get a replacement of the same brand or should I go with something else?
  5. Newegg has an ocz 650w on sale today in their black friday ads for $49.99 after rebate. I use ocz in my system, and it's quiet and runs my amd setup fine.
  6. Also check your bios version at the top of the post screen. If asrock lists a newer file on their webpage, you may want to flash it. But don't do it if yours is up to date. There's always a small risk of a bad flash causing a dead motherboard.
  7. I am well aware for the flashing the bios issue hehe, have killed many a motherboard in my day. :)

    Thanks for the help btw, will check into that OCZ PSU.
  8. I'd opt for an XFX Core Edition. The 750 is just $5 cheaper than the 850 so, I'd opt for the latter.
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