Computer won't Boot at all

So, last night my computer was running amazlingly, Then I unpluged some speakers and now it won't even boot to the bios, when I turn it on it just wont boot. My Specs are: Amd Athlon II 4 clocked at 2.9
Memory: 4 gig Corrisar
Hdd: Western Ditagel
PSU: is a Rion Hp 485 D
Video Card: Ati 5670
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  1. When a computer won't boot it has to be one of three things , psu, cpu, or the mobo, process of elimination needed..:)
  2. Well, Its not the mobo the Light is still on, and the Gpu starts up, and the Cpu was working fine last night, All i did was bump my computer and It won't start.
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