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6870 1GB vs SAPPHIRE Toxic 5850 2GB

I am planning to build a new PC at the end of November and I am trying to figure out which vcard to get. I have only had Nvidia cards for the past 7-8 years but I have been wanting to try out ATI since the 4000 HD series (I currently have a Nvidia 8800gt).

I have been looking at the Sapphire Toxic 5850 2GB vcard but now that the 6870s are out I'm trying to figure out which to get. I wouldn't mind buying a 6870 since they are cheaper but I'm ok with the price on the Toxic (hoping it goes down a little before I buy though).

I plan to Crossfire whichever card I get in the future. I've read reviews and if I were planning to buy a regular 5850 I would get the 6870 instead but since I wanted this Toxic 2GB I'm not sure now.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

Sapphire Toxic on Newegg
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    6870 is faster than 5850(2GB vs 1GB won't make a noticeable difference in performance),so go for it.
  2. It would be saner and better to go for 2 X 6850's and then to fine tune them a little.... :)
    Forget the Toxic series, basically by the end of Nov, they'll have a Toxic 6850 and 6870 out too.....
    So by then I think you're going to have a lot more stuff to choose from, but the basic idea of getting the cards is that they should be cheap, power efficient, stay cool and beat the crap out of everyone else's rig :) and play Crysis maxed out too...
    So keep reading and keep up with price and spec changes on those cards by Nov end you'll definitely get a good deal for those cards..... and if we find something , we'll keep you informed...
  3. Definetly the 6870. Especially if you plan to crossfire in a year the 5850--especially a2gb version will be extremely difficult to find. Plus the 6870 is cheaper and a tad faster. You really can't go wrong.
  4. I would agree with the consensus here the 6870 a tad faster on all fronts, unless your going eyefinity, which the 2gb on the 5850 might make a difference, but still then not by much
  5. thanks for the help!
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