Can i run GTX 460 MSI HAWK with this PSU?

Ive been looking around for this but i cant really seem to find the answer, I live in Mexico and i bought my GTX460 from newegg im getting it in 7 days, but i dont know if it'll work with this PSU, i saw many vids of GTX 460 but none of em focus the connectors :/ I saw the adaptors by zooming the picture from newegg and my PSU only has 3 peripheral cables and if im right i need 4 ... now im worried that the video card im getting in 7 days won't work with my PSU ..

This is my PSU Cooler Master RS-550-PCAR-E3 550W
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  1. it says you have 2 6pin+2 connectors coming out of that power supply, you plug them both into the card. and you meet the power requirements, not sure where you got confused.
  2. @Frizzo Oh crap i didn't know i could use those sorry im really unexperienced with this.
    @ct1615 Yea well i didn't have enough money to buy the Thermaltake PSU 750W, i dont have many choices anyway this Mexican company isnt really good but its the only way to buy "good" stuff for my PC :/ Thanks anyway :D
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