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3 monitors on Dell Dimension 9200

I would like to exchange my Nvidia 7900 GS for the ATI 5770 or 6850.

My questions are:
1. Will the 375W power supply be enough?

2. Will my Intel Core-2 Duo E6600 2.40GHz be capable of supporting either of the cards?

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    Your CPU would bottleneck a bit those, my 5770 is bottlenecked by my C2D E7500 2.93 Ghz... And your PSU wont be enough for either of those, probable you should try with a 5670 or 5570 if you're not upgrading that PSU, if you are I strongly recommend a good brand 450w-550w power supply for either of those cards, Antec or Corsair are your best choices but you can always go with other decent brands like cooler master or raidmax or thermaltake
  2. Thanks for the info. I found an unused 450W power supply so I installed it, but from other posts I read it seems the original power supply would be enough. I got the 5770, even if it might be hindered by my old CPU, but I needed the 3 outputs and got it for $130.
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